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Some Christians believe in the Just War Theory which was originally written in the 3rd Century AD by St. Augaustine

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PEACE AND JUSTICE BY SARAH SWINTON 10JN War is when armed conflict between two or more opposing groups. War is caused by conflict between people or countries which ends up as war. Some of the causes of war are: * Greed. * Racial problems. * Religion. * To stop a tyrant or dictator. There are many effects of war. Some of these are: * Many children become soldiers who fight and kill. * Refugees- there are 15 million refugees worldwide; they flee their homes and have to live in other countries. * Environmental- cost to the environment and wildlife will probably never be known- for example in the Gulf War oil refines were burnt. * Psychological- some children and adults will never get over brutalises they have suffered or witnessed. * Shell-Shock - in WW1 many soldiers were shot for cowardice or again AWOL (Absent With Out Leave) when if fact they were mentally ill, many such soldiers now have been pardoned * Land mines- many people want to go home but the fields and farmland are riddled with land mines designed to maim and kill. ...read more.


Some Christians believe that they are conscientious objectors which means they would refuse to fight a certain war because they regard it as wrong. Because they might believe in the war theory and there is a reason missing because they will only go to war if all 5 laws are in place or they might believe they can not fight for the government. So to conclude Christians all over the world believe in many this about war. Some would follow the just war theory, others would be pacifists and others would be conscientious objectors which means they would refuse to fight a certain war because they regard it as wrong. All of the teachings come from the bible in one sense or another. The teachings can be taught by The Pope, Arch bishops, Bishops and most often by Priests. Many of the teachings come from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christians would react in different situations. They could: * Go to their local priest. * Worship God for the best things in this world. * Prayer- ask God to help them through a difficult period in their lives. ...read more.


Therefore I do not think war is wrong, even though I would consider myself a pacifist most of the time. Some people would totally disagree with the statement. They would say that killing is wrong and this includes war situations. Martin Luther King, for example, was a Christian Pacifist who had strong views about what he believed in and fought for justice but never used violence. The Quakers are an organisation which believes that violence is not the answer, if anything it creates more problems. Christians would argue and disagree with the statement. Some Christians would look at the Bible and quote 'Thou shalt not kill' and 'Live in peace with one another'. They would say that Jesus is a man of peace who didn't agree with violence in any form. Other Christians would say that if the 'just war' theory was followed then war can be justified in some circumstances. They would say that there are times when violence is acceptable and Jesus was not always a pacifist. He himself showed violence on an occasion when he threw the money lenders out of the temple and smashed their stalls. Although Jesus encouraged people to live in peace he didn't say war was wrong. ...read more.

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