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Some Christians believe life is scared, explain how this is used in relation to Abortion and Euthanasia. Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have considered more than one point of view.

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Abortion And Euthanasia Coursework Question 1 Some Christians believe life is scared, explain how this is used in relation to Abortion and Euthanasia. Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have considered more than one point of view. Abortion Firstly, I will discuss what abortion is and how it is carried out. Then I will discuss the churches view on abortion. Then I will discuss the laws that have passed relating to abortion and what they suggest. Afterward I will tell you about the arguments for and against abortion and say the organisations who enforce these arguments. Afterward I will move on to euthanasia and discuss what it is and what it involves and the three types of euthanasia. After that, I tell you arguments for and against euthanasia and what the church says about the matter. Afterward I will tell you the organisations that enforced these agreements. Abortion is an operation carried out to remove the growing foetus from its Mothers womb so that it can be destroyed. In the UK, abortion has been legal since 1967, when the law about abortion was passed in parliament. The abortion act said that a person should not be guilty of the unlawful ending of a pregnancy if: 'The operation is carried out by a registered doctor and in a registered hospital. There must be two registered doctors who both agree that by carrying on with the pregnancy there would be a serious risk to the physical and/or mental health of the Mother.' ...read more.


* Passive euthanasia - is when the person concerned is no longer in a condition where they can make a decision for themselves. The decision to bring about the death is taken by relatives or medical experts. Christianity teaches that all life comes from God. The sixth commandment is that 'You shall not kill' (Exodus 20:30). It is clear from the bible that human beings are not to choose whether they live or die. 'For every thing there is a reason, and a time for every matter under heaven, a time to be born, a time to die, a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted' (Ecclesiastes: 1-4). This statement implies that God has a plan for us all. The Roman Catholic Church is opposed to euthanasia because it is seen as murder. In Humanae Vitae, the Pope Paul VI that said all human life is scared and that all men must recognise that fact. In any civilised society, it is morally unacceptable to even consider the possibility. The four reasons this is unacceptable are: A. Euthanasia is a murder. B. Euthanasia is contrary to the dignity of human beings. C. Euthanasia destroys the respect that is due to God, the beginning, and end of all life. D. There is a clear difference discounting treatment and actively killing someone. There are certain situations in which one simply cannot prevent the eventuality of death. These must be recognised and the decision to end treatment taken in consultation with the patient, if possible. ...read more.


Then there is the argument on the sanctity of life. According to religious teaching, life is a gift from God. Only God can decide when a life begins and ends. Any deliberate killing of the innocent without God's authority is wrong, and against the natural law. This extends to situations where a person's life is ended at their request. Voluntary euthanasia breaks this principle as well as abortion - people do not have the right to choose for themselves. Any form of killing conflicts against traditional Christian teaching places such as the commandment "Do not kill" any form of killing is murder (with the exception of self defence). As well as this argument it, in a sense goes against God's plan, because some people believe that people possess certain diseases for a reason, whether it be to test them or to allow other Christians to put their Christian faith into practice as was outlined in the parables of the sheep and the goats. Also in the case of abortion one of the earliest Christian writings says, "You shall not kill by the abortion the fruit of the womb and you shall not murder the infant already born." This states that you should not kill any potential life. In conclusion, I agree with the original statement in theory because I feel we have no right judging the quality of people's lives and that any termination of life is murder no matter what the circumstances however I fear that were I put in that situation I would change my view because I would have first hand experience. This would allow me to have first hand experience. SHARIAR HIME 1 ...read more.

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