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"Television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world." Do you agree?

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Re Coursework - Religion and the Media "Television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world." Do you agree? Television presents religious characters in a variety of ways. As the quote says some are portrayed in a negative way and out of touch with the modern world. A good example of a show portrayed in this light is Father Ted. The television show is set on the small remote Craggy Island. This itself conveys the feeling of isolation to the modern world. Father Ted and his friends are portrayed as out of touch constantly by his views, and consistent sinning. One episode that shows character's in a bad light is set in the Lent period of the Christian calendar, where Christians give up one thing for forty days and forty nights to show their respect for Jesus when he fasted for that period of time. ...read more.


This just shows how out of touch they really are. Another character in the media shown in a negative light is Dot Cotton from East Enders. She is a chain-smoking religious woman with an endless need for the latest gossip. She easily gives out judgement on other's while her own son is a 'kind hearted' man even if his criminal record is nothing to be proud of. She casts her own religious judgement aside when dealing with her son, making her very hypocritical as she still thinks that allowing her own beliefs to go is okay. On the other hand some characters are shown as in touch with the modern world. These include Geraldine Granger from The Vicar of Dibley, and Ashley from Emmerdale. ...read more.


He is also very compassionate and when other people reject others he will try his best to understand. This was shown when Zoe, a lesbian wanted some advice. Unlike others he tried his best to help her even though homosexuality is not agreed with in his religion. This shows open mindedness and a modern attitude to the issue. Having looked at an assortment of religious character's on television, I would conclude that the statement I have been asked to comment on is not completely true. Some character's are shown in a negative light, but there are a lot of character's in television that are shown as in touch with the modern world. Such as the examples I analysed of Geraldine Granger and Ashley from Emmerdale. These two character's are shown as understanding rational people who do not discriminate against other people whose views conflict with their own. ...read more.

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