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Television Presents Religious people as out of touch with the modern world

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Television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world. Do you agree? Give reasons showing you have considered another point of view. In television, some characters are portrayed as out of touch with the modern world, however, some characters, though they are religious; do acknowledge the use of modern items and technology to a certain extent. In the Vicar of Dibley, the new vicar is female. This can be seen as relatively modern as this role in society has usually been seen as a man's job. She also makes fun of herself and the fact that she is a female vicar which shows that she is not ashamed of what she does. ...read more.


Although Dot can be seen as in touch as she does accept some parts of the modern world such as smoking. She smokes just as much as other smokers would these days which suggests that she recognizes this certain aspect of the modern world. Ned Flanders from the Simpsons is quite a strong religious character. He dresses in an acceptable manor and is a helpful member of the community. He is extremely loyal to God; he goes to church every Sunday and is very traditional. Yet, he owns up to date, modern items and acknowledges their existence, but does not take them for granted. For example; he buys the latest trainers, has a wine cellar, a game room and Sky TV (which has however blocked any channels that could be indecent). ...read more.


This all shows Apu's classic and traditional views on religion. However, he can be seen as slightly in touch with the modern world as he does work in a convenience store, and tried to dodge his arranged marriage. Overall, I think that there are a wide range of religious characters on TV. Some characters can be seen as somewhat out of touch with the modern world, but however religious they are, I think they possess some modern world qualities. In each example, the characters have embraced current technology and/or ways of life. I don't believe that religion is as prominent on television as other subjects. I think it should be conveyed in a more positive way; so that it can be linked with contemporary lifestyles and not be mocked (or made a humorous topic). ...read more.

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