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The Bible was written centuries ago. Can Christians still regard it as relevant today?

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The Bible 3. The Bible was written centuries ago. Can Christians still regard it as relevant today? All world religions have sacred scriptures. They all teach that the world and universe were created, and that the universe has a purpose. Humans also have a purpose, which is explained in the Bible. Modern historians, archaeologists and scientists have stated that texts of the Bible are historical documents. Many of the writers of the Bible have influenced the world. Its teachings are that humans should treat each other and the world around them with respect. ...read more.


Human nature doesn't change, and the teachings of the Bible are eternal. They are about mercy, love, forgiveness, justice, etc. The Bible is the word of God, and although issues that occur today aren't mentioned in it, there still are issues in the Bible that are relevant in our lives tod from coursework.info ay. Non-Christians could argue that mankind's attitudes and the environment have changed, our technological capacity has increased, and so they regard the Bible as unimportant and irrelevant today. This is because the Bible was written when society was very different. ...read more.


Christians will interpret the Bible for themselves and churches also help. Catholics look to the Church for interpretation, but other Christians only seek guidance as they don't want to be dictated on what a Christian should believe. Those Christians who accept the writings and teachings of the Bible as true would also acknowledge that God is unchanging and timeless. Therefore, laws and rules that were pertinent to the biblical generation would without doubt be just as significant to individuals nowadays. To Christians the Bible supplies guidance as to how we should live and carry out our lives in order to receive the final rewards of heaven. ...read more.

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