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The boy who was bullied to death.

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Sixteen-year-old Katie Shaw woke up breaking through layers of sleep. She had dreamed that she could hear the thumping of the heavy orange basketball her opposite neighbour and close friend used to play with everyday. But she was wrong her mind was playing tricks with her, six foot three inch Jordan Baker was eight foot under the ground buried one week two days ago. Jordan and Katie were best friends ever since nursery school, they went to the same high school and they both got a place at the same college. Katie looked at her alarm clock; it was only 6'o'clock the exact time Jordan used to practice his basketball shooting on his diamond-patterned driveway. She opened her lacy pink and white curtains and tied them back. Katie then stood at her windowsill and looked out across the road at Jordan's house. Oh, how she missed his teasing, the way he pulled her long brown hair, the way they fought and the way they he played basketball everyday just to disturb her sleep. ...read more.


But Katie knew even if the didn't murder him they definitely were the cause of Jordan's death. Katie used to tell Jordan to go to the police about the bullies but he didn't listen to her, he was to scared. He moved his class a few times, but they both knew Jordan's phone number and address. Katie had decided she wasn't going to sit back until Jonathan and Jamie confessed how they twisted Jordan's brain. They used to say to Jordan that he was mental and laughed when they found out Jordan's dad had left them. In fact Jordan's brain was so screwed up he used to cut open his arms with a knife. Katie once went to see him and he tried covering his arms but there was red blood gushing everywhere. Katie asked him what happened and he told her he was sick of his life and wanted to die. Katie comforted him and said she will sort something out. The next day she went to Jonathan and Jamie and asked them what their problem was. They said Jordan was fun to tease. ...read more.


We didn't murder Jordan but we did beat him up. A few punches here and a few kicks there but please help us. Jordan is going to kill us." They were both babbling on. At first Katie had no idea what they were talking about, but she soon began to follow. If they were both lying, she thought, she would kill them. They carried on and said how they had a dream about Jordan and he was saying he was going to kill them and he wasn't dead. At 6'o'clock they went to the police station together including Katie. Jonathan and Jamie told them what they did to Jordan and the police arrested them. They had a court hearing the next day. They both got a hearing of eight months in prison. Katie was smiling as she was walking home. She was about to open the front door with her keys; she turned around and could have sworn she saw Jordan with his basketball smiling at her. But she thought to herself, it was nothing just my mind playing tricks............ ...read more.

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