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The Christian teaching about abortion.

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Abortion is the intentional killing of an unborn child in the womb. This issue generates a lot of deep emotions. It is an issue about human rights, the most fundamental right of all - the right to life. There are lots of angles from which we can look at this subject for example from the perspective of the church or a pro-choice point of view. The church teaches that from the moment of conception a potential human being exists. It may be very tiny, only the size of a dot (.) but it is still a human being and deserves protection. Pope Paul VI once stated, "Human life is sacred, all men must recognise that fact." Abortion, like murder, has been practised from earliest times and has been regarded as gravely wrong. Up to the twentieth century, those who caused abortions were always regarded as criminals. It is not strange that abortion has been looked on with horror in the past as the taking of innocent life. What is strange are the ways this feeling of horror has been blunted in recent years, so that many countries now permit abortions to be performed, and some even encourage them. ...read more.


Some Christians who were faced with the reason of abortion being that the mother of the child was raped, and so it is unwanted, a Christians may speak to the mother abort what Jesus taught us, and that is, "Thou shalt not kill." A practising Christian mother may take this into consideration and not proceed with the abortion, as she considers her faith an important factor in her life, and also because she will have the chance to bring new life into the world. When approached with the reason that, a mother wants an abortion due to her health, or the health of her child or the child is simply not wanted, a Christian may oppose the issue of abortion by explaining to her that the child has dignity and that respect must be shown to the baby and so childbirth must take place, so the child can have the sacrament of baptism. Mothers that want an abortion due to their very young age, or that there is no father for support, may be given the advise from a Christian that an organisation named 'Cura' could aid her in giving her all the support she needs to get though to child birth, and support when the child is born, and provide her with financial aid. ...read more.


It is sacred and has dignity Furthermore, we see by the church's teaching, that abortion is seen as murder and so shouldn't take place under any circumstances, and also see how important the sacrament of baptism is, as it gives you the strength, to live your life avoiding sin, in the way that God wanted us to. The Roman Catholic teaching is that abortion is totally wrong, but if an unborn child is killed indirectly, in an attempt to save the life of its mother, it is acceptable but in no other circumstances must you kill a n unborn child in any way. Anglicans take a different line, arguing that if a mother is likely to die in childbirth, it is absurd to look upon the unborn child's life as more valuable than the mother's. The mother has responsibilities as a wife. She may already have children to care for. To regard her life as less valuable than the child's does not consider the mother's right to live in terms of her wider roles as wife or mother of other children as well as in terms of her own person. To conclude, the Christian teaching about abortion states that they are morally wrong and shouldn't take place as life should have dignity and be respected and in no way or under and circumstances be wasted. ...read more.

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