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The City at Night

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The City at Night Finished last autopsy of the day. Completed all paper work. I am sure I have forgotten something. Did I put the body away? Yes. Is it all in one piece? It was not when I started. Oh no! I left my wallet behind again. I dash around my office and search for my missing wallet. Of course, it was next to my keys, which I also left behind! Typical, I am always doing this. I finally leave, forgetting nothing (I hope). I exit the building and enter the high street, filled with last minute Christmas shoppers. This year I am glad to say I am not one of them. I bought all the Christmas gifts in early November and they have been sitting, wrapped, in my cupboard ever since. This year I am prepared. I make my way along the street towards the underground. The windows of the shops glisten with glitter and tinsel. It starts to rain but only softly. I speed up, the streets are less crowded now but millions of umbrellas automatically open. I have to dodge them so as not to have my eyes skewered. ...read more.


Therefore, as compensation, I look out of the window, trying to find a source of entertainment through its cold glass panes. The night sky, only just visible above the surrounding buildings looks like a pitch-black canopy with holes punched in it. There is no traffic on the road - probably because it is a pedestrian zone. Drunkards start to pour out of the pub below, singing rude versions of the carols sung by children. There are teenagers, throwing up in the street, praying that their parents will not find out about tonight's activities at youth group. If they carry on like this, they will be in need of my services. The view directly across from my flat is completely different; a small family consisting of mother, father, and their three-year-old son are just sitting down to dinner. They bow their heads in prayer and... A buzz from the phone releases me from my trance. I lift the handset and buzz the pizza guy into the building. 2 minutes later, there is a knock at the door. I pay the boy and give him a decent tip. ...read more.


A cat knocks over a nearby bin; the boy jumps and then accelerates quite considerably. His hair, all spiky, makes no movement as it is clearly cemented in place with gel. He flees around the corner and vanishes from sight. A homeless person pushes a trolley full of trash - her treasures. She hobbles over to the bins, stroking the cat that scared the boy earlier. As she paws through the garbage, the cat caresses the back of her long, tatty coat and weaves in and out of her legs begging for more attention, but the woman is to captivated by the trash to notice. She pulls out a pile of newspapers. Overjoyed, she carefully lays the paper down piece by piece until she has a thick, paper mattress with enough left for a cover. She lies down stroking the cat, which immediately cuddles up to her and falls into a deep sleep. The woman smiles at the cat then, coughing violently, she lays her head down to rest. The scene below is so pitiful. I realise no how lucky I really am. So once again, I make my way through the obstacles and enter my bedroom. There I see my spring-loaded double bed, looking comfortable and warm. I get into bed and drift away... ...read more.

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