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The Crucible

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English Coursework: The Crucible Dear Children, As you read this now, you may be wondering what extraordinary events led to your father's death. It was some strange fate that brought about his demise, although some may say that he brought it upon himself. To stop you from judging your own flesh and blood without first hearing the evidence, I have decided to sit down alone, and write this letter in the hope that one day you may be inquisitive enough to think about those peculiar times and what happened back then, and why. As I will begin to explain. At that time, before anyone had ever breathed anything about witchcraft, I had become ill. After the ordeal of helping me, your father also had to cope with me being withdrawn as I recovered. ...read more.


Abigail seized the chance to escape punishment and accuse various members of the village of being witches. And so began the "witch-hunt" where supposed witches had to be sought out, giving the girls the power to point their "divine" fingers towards anyone that had given them grievance in the past. Although I did plead with him to tell of his relationship with Abigail in order to stop her activities as chief accuser, your father, being one of the most self-conscious and if you remember any of him, maybe one of the most stubborn once his mind is set, did not wish to lose his own good name in the community, and delayed going to the authorities. Too late, he realised his error when Abigail named me a witch, and I was arrested and taken to jail. ...read more.


After the shock of your father's death, and the drama of the village was over, I began to think deeply about what had happened, and in some way felt responsible for your father's death as I had forced him to make a decision that he did not want to make. After contemplating all the outcomes that may have been, I have decided that your father saw himself as a sinner after the incident with Abigail as he had broken one of the commandments. By forcing him to make that decision about his own life, I allowed him to summon up the integrity to go to his death with his conscience clear and his reputation intact. After reading this, I hope you can now make up your own mind as to whether you think what he and I did was right, and how the situation shaped what was said and done. Much love and luck for the future, Your loving mother, Elizabeth ...read more.

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