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The Death Penalty.

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Hum1111: The Death Penalty The first execution to take place in the United States was in Virginia on a man named David Frank for the criminal act of theft. This led to the permanent use of the death Penalty in the US justice system from the sixteenth century to the present day. My analysis of the reports, which make references to criminals who were executed in mostly southern parts of the United States also gives an idea to how tolerant certain States were and how lenient others seemed. The research which I have complied indicates certain links to states and their execution rate in terms of race, gender and age, as well as an awareness to which states most criminal activity takes place in, which resolve with the defendant being executed. Firstly by categorising the states using the abbreviations given, the ages of the defendants and the race to which they belonged, allowed me to see the mass amounts, which were executed in that particular state. ...read more.


Dr Unah of North Carolina University (Data found on the death penalty website-www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/dpicexec00.html, 2001) An Associated Press release confirmed that the report findings were at present being presented to the North Carolina General Assembly, who may consider suspension of the bill in both the House and Senate. Kentucky are the only state in the whole of American who wish to introduce the decision of life imprisonment without parole, and if studies of racial discrimination are being conducted when deciding on capital punishment, then the law wishes to have it barred all together. They have already passed a bill, which allows statistical evidence to be used in defence for having capital punishment, and if judged as a race factor will not allow execution to play a part in the defendants sentencing. Juveniles At present there are 73 inmates awaiting death row for juvenile crimes, this constitutes about 2% of the death penalty defendants. Three-quarters of these cases involved 16 to 17 year old offenders, and two-thirds of them were marginal offenders. ...read more.


2 0 0 0 2 South Carolina 1 0 0 0 1 Total 89 36 8 4 1 In conclusion to my research, and judging by the evidence given, it is clear to see that the identity of the individual being sentenced to death and that of their victim plays significant importance in the passing of sentences as severe as execution. Another theory, which has come to knowledge, is the lack of evidence showing white individuals who have committed crimes against black or ethnic minorities. Throughout my research I have not come across any of these cases. Could this be because white races are shown more compassion? Or does it have to do with state policies that hold bias views towards black and ethnic social groups? This may only be my own opinion, but judging from recent studies from various other universities and private funds it's clear that it's a view shared by many who hold question to whether the death penalty enforces justice towards those who are wrong, or as a means of punishment that feel they have wronged, even when innocent. ...read more.

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