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The Eucharist.

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The Eucharist: RS Assignment. Traditionally Sunday is the day in which Mass is attended as it states in the 10 Commandments. "Keep holy the Sabbath day". During mass various hymns and prayers are said, which mean and ask for different things, these are then reflected upon. These are the actions that I shall now explain. In a Roman Catholic mass there are many representations of God in everyday objects, the most obvious being the bread and wine, representing Jesus' body and blood. Also the Priest represents Jesus himself, acting as a 'go between' for confession and prayers to God .The altar in the Church is a symbol of a sacrificial table which would have been used at th Passover. The Bible which the Priest reads passages from is known as God's word so therefore acts as a representation of his thoughts and feelings towards us. The mass begins when the priest makes the sign of the cross asking for repentance for the people. Then the Gloria follows this, "Glory to God in the highest." This can be either sung or spoken, however it is an act of praising God and showing your respect for what he has done. ...read more.


A catholic attends mass because it is a celebration, which is in memory of Jesus' resurrection. If a Catholic regularly attends mass they are bound in a community of believers, in which they are able to share their faith, and show their support for one another. A Catholic mass is more of a family gathering than a meeting, in which children are welcomed (unlike the Baptist church in which only adults attend). The advantage of children attending mass is that it becomes a routine in later life and they go to mass as second nature. Also it allows the faith to be passed down through generations. If a catholic attends mass it gives them a chance to worship in public prayer rather than the more personal private prayer. This version of prayer often draws each other closer together and gives us the opportunity to reunite our faith and strengthen the religious bonds. Also prayer allows us to celebrate the resurrection together, and makes our thoughts much more powerful as we all mean what we are saying. Mass can also act as a time to reflect on yourself and on your life, and act as time to evaluate what you have achieved and if you have fulfilled all your ambitions as Jesus did. ...read more.


"Praying to God is more important than attending church services" I partly disagree with this statement because in the ten commandments which God wanted us to live by, it states "keep holy the Sabbath day" If we did not do this then we would be committing sin. Also it is important to gather in public to pray, but not to show off and gain attention, it should be because your faith draws you to do it. On the other hand in the Sermon on the Mount God said that you must pray in private, and I agree. Praying in public is a good way of praising and thanking God, because we are all doing it. Yet when it comes to more personal matters private prayer is much more powerful and meaningful, because you have actually taken time to be alone and pray for something, something you consider to be more important to you. My opinion is that God would prefer you to do both, but as long as we help and care for one another and live by his guidelines which he has set for us he will not mind. I believe that God would rather us pray privately and help a person in need than pray to him constantly and ignore a person wanting help, as he showed with the story of the Good Samaritan. ...read more.

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