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The Incredible Power of Prayer

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Do you ever question The importance or power of prayer? Believe it or not prayer can do many things in the lives of others as well as yours. In The Incredible Power of Prayer it tells you just how much you need prayer. This is an autobiography by Roger J. Morneau. It tells of this man's prayer life. Miracles happen because Roger cares about his fellow man, has a strong relationship and faith in God. Roger starts his book, when he was 59 years old he got so sick he had to go to the hospital. The man to his right is named Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith's condition is so bad that the nurse calls on the P.A. system for all the doctors in the hospital to come to his aid, but he dies anyway. Mr. Morneau prays that Mr. Smith be restored to life. ...read more.


Mr. Morneau tells us of blessings we can only get by having a close relationship Jesus. These blessings include: divine compassionate love, heavenly joy, heavenly peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, living faith, meekness, and self-control. These are (if you ever read the book) is fully described in chapter 4. God doesn't always answer prayer right away. We need to pray every day and believe God will answer. "Ask, and you will receive. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and it will be opened to you." (Matt 7:7) God will always answer prayer, but He won't always say "yes". That's why we need to pray every day. Mr. Morneau tells of a time when he needed to get a few things from the store. He was sitting in the car, when a car parked beside his and the couple in the car starts fighting. ...read more.


These steps are as follows: Step1: Have a close relationship with Jesus. Step2: Build faith and memorize the word of God. Step3: Pray for other people and a higher level of faith for not only you, but for others as well. Step4: Pray with greatest possible interest and desire for an answer. Step5: Forgiveness makes the difference. Everyone needs someone to get rid of our sins. The only one and way is to pray that God will forgive you and others. Prayer is the only way to talk to God. If we reject prayer it is the same as rejecting God. We can't live without God. Prayer is one of the most essential things in the world. This book tells just how important communication with God really is. God has blessed me with more than I can describe in a thousand pages. I love the Lord because He always answers my prayers. Pray for your self and see how God will bless you! ...read more.

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