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The nature of God

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THE NATURE OF GOD Lesson 1 Does God exist? No because there are scientific reason for most things that have happened and most of these reasons have evidence to back them up. The methods that God is supposed to have used do not have evidence, e.g. the creation of the Earth - God or the 'big bang'! There are also lots of bad things in the world today like famine and war, if God did exist then surely he wouldn't have things like that in the world. God is supposed to be good - if he exists then I struggle to believe that there would be bad things like war and the famine in Africa etc that are in the world today. Yes because strange things do happen in life and there are things that we can't explain. Things happen that change people's lives for the better, or sometimes the worse. If I'm in pain or worried about something or having a panic attack then I will often pray for help and it often works. Everything happens for a reason and I believe that God does certain things to certain people because he knows they can cope. I think ... I don't know whether God exists or not. On one hand I believe he does because if I pray for help I often get it but that could be coincidence, and strange things do happen that can't be explained. ...read more.


Ontological Argument - people would say this is just his opinion. Some people would say that there is no evidence that he exists and if he doesn't exist then he can't be the best possible thing. This argument just doesn't make sense to me. If there is no evidence for his existence then I am inclined to say that he doesn't exist. If he doesn't exist then he can't be the greatest thing. If he was the greatest then why is there war and famine in the world - surely he wouldn't allow it! I think this argument is very weak. From experience - people could say that the fact that what you prayed for happened is just coincidence and would have happened anyway. I think this is quite a weak argument as lots of things people pray for could happen anyway, the fact they happened when the person prayed could just be coincidence. From upbringing - people could say that this is just how you've been brought up - your parents believe in God then so do you. They would say that this isn't a reason for him existing just a reason why you think he does. I think this is also a weak argument. To say that God exists because your parents said so is like saying if you jump of a cliff you will be able to fly because your parents said so. ...read more.


I've only ever spoken to the police once with regards to a man down the street but I've never been in trouble with them and never been told off by one. The police don't have any authority in my life, well, anything other than things regarding the law, but that's the same for every person. I don't think it makes sense to give authority to the Bible because it was written a long, long time ago and things have changed a lot since then. Some things still remain the same but now there are new ideas like abortion and euthanasia. Lots of things have changed and the Bible won't have answers for everything. Lesson 6 Miracles Do miracles happen? It depends on what you mean by a miracle. If you mean winning the lottery then yes, I do believe they happen. If by miracle, you mean curing someone with a terminal illness then no, I don't believe miracles happen. I would like to believe miracles happened all the time. I believe they do happen but not often, not all the time. Someone could be very ill and suddenly get better, sit up and say it's a miracle but it's not a true miracle - they were always going to get better. Someone could win the lottery and say it's a miracle, however, it was always possible, not very likely I'll admit but always possible. Therefore, I don't believe true miracles happen - only mini miracles! ...read more.

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