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The official attitudes that the Christian churches have are varied depending on the different parts of the Christian church.

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Carrie Fisher 11.1 a. The official attitudes that the Christian churches have are varied depending on the different parts of the Christian church. The Anglican Church or the Church of England believes that life is sacred but sometimes abortion is the best way out of a bad situation such as endangering the life of the mother. They quote "The Church of England's view on abortion is that the life of the foetus endangers the life of the mother, action can be taken" in the Church of England Report 1984. The Roman Catholic Church has opposite views, they believe that life begins at conception so abortion breaks one of the Ten Commandments - do not kill. The Catholic Church totally disagrees with abortion and they say, " We have been made like God. God plans the birth of all babies and makes them with the parents. In every foetus God has made a completely new human being. Human life is given by God. ...read more.


b. Many Christians are opposed to abortion because the main issue of abortion uses their belief of God being the Creator of Life. Christians believe that nobody has the right to destroy what God has created. In the Bible it says that God values life. In Genesis it says that God created us in His own image. Lots of Christians believe that life begins at conception so abortion is murder. Abortion therefore breaks the commandment "Thou shalt not kill." Mainly the Roman Catholics believe this. In psalm 139, it confirms that the creation of these humans takes place in the womb. Some Christians believe that if it is wrong to kill a child that is still dependant on it's mother than it is wrong too to kill a foetus that is dependant on it's mother although in the womb. Several Christians think that if a baby is born handicapped it still has a good quality of life. Sometimes the medical tests are not 100% accurate and some mothers have not had abortions although tests have said that the child is handicapped and have given birth to normal and healthy babies. ...read more.


It would cause trauma to both the child and mother when the child asks who their father is and the mother has to explain that they were conceived as a result of rape. The baby could be adopted but sometimes adoption causes severe strain especially after carrying and giving birth to the child whom was conceived through the act of rape. Sometimes the strain is worse that keeping the child herself. Abortion in this cause is said to be the lesser of two evils. Another circumstance that an abortion is accepted is when the foetus is deformed or handicapped. Some Christians may think that it is unkind and not "loving one's neighbour" to allow a badly handicapped child to be born when it could have been avoided. The Christians who think this think that an abortion is the kindest thing to do if the quality of the child's life would be so affected it would make it unbearable for the child. Different parts of the Christian religion believe in these circumstances in which abortion is acceptable but the Roman Catholic Church will not accept abortion in any circumstance. ...read more.

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