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The other side

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Maximilian Stella December 16, 2001 IB English 11. The other side Martina was a astonishing child. When she was declared a saint after her death, people from other towns came to visit the town but no one fully understood who she really was. Martina was a child with strange habits. When Luna Vicario found her in a basket in front of her doorsteps and made her one of her children, nobody would expect that the child would posses supernatural powers. Father Almonzo used to say; "She will surprise the world one day". No one in the family took his words seriously until a couple of days after the funeral of Jorges's Vicarios's grandmother, Isabel. It all took place on the celebrations of New Year. The town had been preparing for the feast for the last couple of days and in the middle of the square the mayor Palestino had announced the feast to begin. Martina and her sister Magdalena were both dressed in a white dress and Nina, the housekeeper of the Vicarios, had carefully combed their hair. Nina was from a small island in the Caribbean Sea and had served the family as long as either Martina or any of her brothers and sisters could remember. Nina loved Martina with all of her heart and didn't listen to any of the people on the bazaar whom she met while buying food for the Vicarios. ...read more.


Martina was very excited with the celebrations and felt a joy arise among the people in the town. When the evening fell the drinking and eating began. Jorge Vicario had slaughtered three pigs to the feast, which were now consumed by the people. Never before had Martina seen so many people together celebrating and dancing. When the countdown finally began, she was so tired that she must have fallen asleep for a moment because she never noticed when the New Year came. The next day the town was quite and sleepy. Jorge Vicario had given the workers a day off and everybody were now regaining their strength after the long celebrations. Martina went out to the plantations where she loved spending her time. She walked and listened to the white Kolibris in the trees. They were singing so beautifully that Martina totally forgot about time and place. When the sun was high on the sky, she reached the bridge where the two men were supposed to stand, but they were gone. She looked curiously on the other side of the river and the damp forest that she wanted to visit since as long as she could remember. "Martina, you want to cross the bridge right? You know what your father thinks about that don't you?" ...read more.


After three hours of struggling with death Jorge Vicarios heart had ceased to work. Father Almonzo declared this to Martinas mum and crying could be heard from all over the town. Martina didn't cry. She sneaked into the church where her father was covered with a white sheet. The church was quite, nothing could be heard from outside. The sunshine's that entered the church made the dust visible, floating around in the main hall. Martina walked slowly up to the altar. She took the sheet of her father and calmly looked at her fathers pale face. She put her hand on her father's chest and closed her eyes. The few clouds disappeared from the sky and the sun lightened the altar... Father Almonzo ran out from the church and with a cry on his face shouted that a miracle had occurred. "He's alive! He's alive! It's a miracle, Jorge Vicario is alive!". People started to gather around him curiously. Some thought that he had gone mad from sorrow, others ran into the church and saw Jorge Vicario holding his youngest daughter in his lap with smile, a tired smile but full of joy and relief. From that day on, people knew for sure that Martina had supernatural powers and they were happy with that Jorge Vicario had miraculously been given a second chance in life. Martina never saw her father or any other of the workers leave their side of the river again... ...read more.

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