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The Role And Function Of The Imam In A Sunni Mosque.

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The Role And Function Of The Imam In A Sunni Mosque. The Imam The word Imam means " In The Front." The Imam's major role in the mosque is to lead prayers. The imam is the person who stands in front of the lines of worshippers, faces the Qiblah, leading them in the recital of the 5 daily Salah's. The Imam can also be a woman if there are no men present. Behind him or her, the whole jumu'ah (congregation) in rows, shoulder-to-shoulder, feet to feet, also face the Qiblah. The word teacher usually defines the role of the Imam, as this fulfils most of the areas that his work covers. He teaches Arabic, knows a great deal about the Qur'an, Hadith's etc. ...read more.


It falls on Friday of every week and is especially important because: - 1.It is the occasion earmarked by God for the Muslims to express their collective devotion. 2.It is an appointment to review our spiritual accounts of the week gone by and get ready for the following week just as people do in any other business. 3.It is a convention for the Muslims to reassure themselves and confirm their religious bonds and social solidarity on moral and spiritual foundations. 4.It shows how the Muslims give preference to the call of God over and above any other concern. When the believers offer their Jumu'ah Prayers, they listen to the khutbah (sermon) delivers by the Imam. Therefore, their religious and social information increases. As it increases, the Imam is getting rewarded by Allah (swt). ...read more.


Typical Routine They start very early in the morning and end the day very late. Below is a typical Imam's schedule for the day. The Imam's day begins with the morning prayer (Fajr). This prayer can be as early as 3.00 a.m. Afterwards, he will read the Qur'an. Only then will the Imam have breakfast and perhaps even rest before his day's work really starts. In the evening there are more prayer's to lead. Other Activities Imams organise many activities. These can range from educational and religious to financial and building projects. They visit many schools in the area that they're from. An Islamic school for children each evening and midweek classes for other groups are arranged. Management Role The imam also has a management role. This role comprises of managing the mosque. The imam is not usually paid, certainly not for leading the prayers, though he may earn money as being the caretaker of the mosque. 1 ...read more.

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