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The sacraments of Holy Communion.

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Andrew Coleman 10K Thursday, 23 January 2003 This essay is answering the statement that" The sacraments of Holy Communion forms part of the worship for most Christians". In most Christian denominations, which mean sectors of a religion, believe that out of all of the sacraments the most important is "holy communion". A sacrament is "the visible form of an invisible grace" as said by a Christian scholar who lived between 354 and 430 Common Era. In total there are seven basic sacraments which are, The Eucharist, which is another word for Holy Communion. Baptism is another sacrament and this is the name given to the ceremony in which a child or adult (depending on the denominations) is cleansed of there sins, to begin a new life with the holy family and God. Confirmation is also another type of sacrament but unlike baptism where you are brought into the family you are now "confirmed" a born again Christian and you believe in God much more. Penances is an additional sacrament and this is when a "confirmed" Christian goes to confess there sins and there wrong doings to ask for forgiveness from god but different denominations practice this, such as some protestant dominations believe that if you feel bad about your actions you do not needs god's word for forgiveness. ...read more.


In a free church you can be any age to take part but you must be baptised to be involved. In the Roman Catholic ceremony, they believe in transubstantion, which is the belief that once the bread and wine has been blessed it is now the body and blood of Christ and that Jesus is hosting the bread. However, this is only once it has been blessed, this is also backed up by them locking it up in a wooden chest after every service to show that Jesus is still there spiritually and to show people in a physical way, they leave a light on in the church to show Jesus is there. In the Anglican Church they believe in consubstantion, this is when after the bread, and wine has been blessed that it is now part of Jesus' spirit but only while taking Holy Liturgy. These are all enactments of Christ's death but not all denominations believe in this. Thus is seen in the protestant worship where it is done as a reminder of Jesus' death, these are such religions as the Church of England but there are also some dominations like Quakers and The Salvation Army who do not do anything to remember Jesus' death on the cross. ...read more.


In the Baptist domination the wine is given out in little cups and this is different to the Roman Catholic domination where the wine is given in a goblet. The wine that is given to the conjuration is not just wine it is also a mixture of water as well and this has been done because when they took Jesus off the cross they found his wounds to be bleeding a clear liquid as well and they fought his blood had holy water in it to the whole a time. At the end of this service the conjuration are told and blessed by the vicar to go fourth and live the life of god and to spread the word of god and are in a way blessed. In conclusion, I think that Christians interpret the Last Supper today as a celebration of mass. The body of Christ (Eucharist) is supposed to be the most important part of a Christian's life. Without it, the Christian community would not have enough to remember Jesus. This is because we would only hear gospel readings about Jesus and we would only read about his miracles instead of experiencing the miracle of transformation between the bread into the body of Christ. ...read more.

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