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The Sanctity of Life

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John McGrath R.E. Coursework The Sanctity of Life The Sanctity of life, the church does not agree with the shortening of human life. The Catholic Church believes that it is the killing of a human being. The Church also believes that all life is sacred and each person is unique and was put on earth for a purpose. The first and most basic of all human rights is the right to life. The church does not believe in abortion or euthanasia. There are strong arguments between the Catholic Church and different groups of fellow Catholics about abortion and Euthanasia. For Example if the Woman were raped and was carrying a baby, the church would state that having an abortion would put the baby through more pain and trauma, and that it was no faults of the child that he was born, so why should it be killed, aborted. The Catholic Church would not allow abortion under these circumstances this is why it conflicts arguments between Catholic followers and the church. The church is very sympathetic to the victims that suffer from not having an abortion, but at the same time they also believe that having an abortion, in their eyes, is committing murder. ...read more.


So the Catholic Church does not believe in Abortion or euthanasia, but do fellow Christians believe that should be the case. For the case of abortion Christians argue that there is no such thing as one hundred percent safe sex. So if a child is not wanted and contraception fails then the couple may look for an abortion. But as Christians they will have to look beyond that option as it is against their religion. The Church would then simply say that abortion is not the case, as the baby must have been put on this earth for a reason as Almighty God created him. As Mathew said: "Look at the birds" they do not sow seeds, gather a harvest or put it into barns; yet your father in heaven takes care of them! Aren't you worth much more than birds." Meaning that God loves all of us for what we are no matter whether we are lazy or bad. Humanists say that it is better having an abortion than bringing unwanted babies into the world. Many groups of people say the same. Different people have different opinions on abortion some are for abortion and some are against. ...read more.


Relatives of the patients are offered counselling, support and help after the death. The majority of these hospices are Christian foundations and some of them rely entirely on voluntary donations. The hospices care for the dying and helping the dying to die with a bit of dignity and pride. The whole attitude to the patients is one of love and charity. Life is an organisation to prevent abortion; it is named after life. They believe that life is sacred and should not be taken away from a small-unborn child before the child has the fortunate opportunity to step into the world. Many people who suffer from wanting an abortion but not having an abortion can turn to adoption of the child after it is born. This saves a lot of hassle from the Catholic Church, but it is too hard for a mother to give away her own flesh and blood. After carrying a baby around in your stomach for nine months you grow to love that child no matter whether you want it or not. For the case of abortion and euthanasia the Catholic Church is not going to change its teaching. For as long as the Churches teaching stays the same there is going to be a lot sad endings to people's lives. ...read more.

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