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GCSE: Places of Worship

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  1. marriageExplain the beliefs and practises associated with marriage, with specific reference to the Roman Catholic tradition

    they are answering yes to this question and so showing that they are serious about this relationship. They are agreeing to the promises made by them to each other, and the belief in the church that marriage should remain sacred and as one. Due to these beliefs the Roman Catholic Church does not recognise divorce, making it difficult for somebody in the Catholic Church to marry more than once. Fruitful is the second point is Fruitful, showing that the couple are planning to have children if they can, can bring them up in the Catholic teaching, helping them through the sacraments and different stages in their lives.

    • Word count: 846

    It is celebrated at least once a week; every Sunday. The Eucharist is one of the only sacraments established by all Christians. A sacrament is a 'sacred ceremony which is a sign of Christ's presence in the Church and the lives of Christians'. The Anglican accept only two sacraments; baptism and Eucharist, as they are the only two which have a certain foundation in the New Testament. The churches of the Catholic tradition accept these two plus five others. It is known as: Eucharist, Holy Communion, the Lord's Supper, the breaking of bread.

    • Word count: 2127
  3. Explain the importance of Henry's relationship with the Papacy in relation to other factors in maintainingThe stability of the church in 1485-1509

    For many centuries the Roman Catholic Church was the most powerful ecumenical institution in Europe. All of Western Europe was united by the Christian faith, and that faith was defined by the teachings of the Roman Catholic church. But by fairly early in the fifteenth century, secular kings and princes had begun to successfully assert control over the personnel and property of the church within their own borders. In 1420, one pope, Julius II even commented, "Not the pope but the king of England governs the church in his dominions," as Henry VII had more influence over the church than the Pope who was the official head of the church.

    • Word count: 2522
  4. Describe the layout, design and contents of a Church of England (Anglican) Church.

    Roman Catholic Churches are the most elaborate where there are often several altars, confessional boxes, statues and candles. Orthodox Churches are usually similar to Roman Catholic Churches except there is a screen (iconostasis) which separates the main part of the church from the altar. Church of England (Anglican) Churches are similar but not as detailed as Roman Catholic Churches. Inside a typical Church of England church, there are many features, which are very important to Christians in their worship. When a member of the congregation enters the church, he or she will firstly go through the Porch. It is open to invite the congregation into church and is always open before services to welcome people.

    • Word count: 1596
  5. Ministry Project Topic Statement

    The issue at hand is how to communicate the Gospel in a Seventh-day Adventist churchplant located in Bellevue, WA in such a way that is compelling and convincing to a seeker. 2. Describe the context (the historical background and current situation). The Seventh-day Adventist movement started in the late 1800's when a group of believers studied the scriptures earnestly in search of deeper Biblical truth.

    • Word count: 1423
  6. The two religious leaders of the reformation were MartinLuther and John Calvin.

    Many theologians also believe that the sale of indulgences was immoral but it had great financial success. Luther's 95 Theses were widely read and distributed. Support began to grow from the exploited peasants and the Northern Humanists. Luther published the Sermon of Good Works where he argues that good works do no benefit the soul; only faith can. Luther was trying to reform the church, but the Pope named him a heretic and he was later excommunicated in 1521. At the diet of Worms, Charles V asked Luther to recant and, once again, Luther refused. Charles declared Luther an outlaw.

    • Word count: 735
  7. Home of Mercy. Gwen Harwood remains an unquestionably devout member of her faith, and yet there is a strange ambivalence to the Church within selected poems of hers. For those familiar with

    Gwen Harwood remains an unquestionably devout member of her faith, and yet there is a strange ambivalence to the Church within selected poems of hers. For those familiar with his work, this can also be seen with Seamus Heaney: certain poems would seem to condemn the Church's exercise of power. However, getting back Harwood, the poem "Home of Mercy" can be seen to attack the values of the Church and their un-Christian-like treatment of so called 'fallen women'. For those perhaps not familiar with the Sisters Of Mercy, they are a group of nuns who, among other charity work, take in females who have become pregnant outside marriage.

    • Word count: 2293
  8. THE CONFESSIONS OF AUGSBURG On 31 October 1517, Dr. Martin Luther, professor of theology at the Saxon University of Wittenberg, nailed a paper of Ninety-five Theses to the door of the

    During this time, people from all over Europe, not just in Germany, had come to resent the papal taxation and submission to the ecclesiastical officials of an increasingly foreign and distant papacy. Protests against the Catholic Church were not a new phenomenon. John Wycliffe, a 14th Century English reformer, boldly attacked the papacy itself, in particular attacking the sale of indulgences, pilgrimages, and the excessive adoration of the saints and the moral and intellectual standing of ordinary priests. Wycliffe translated the Bible into English and all his sermons were conducted in English, rather than Latin, so that everyone could understand them.

    • Word count: 2278
  9. Explain in detail the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church about the sacrament of Marriage

    It allows the couple to grow closer in their bond to God, by being united in His eyes. It is also seen as another step with God in the couple's life. In their journey, they will gradually move closer and closer to God, until death does them part. The second sub-heading that I will be looking into is Permanent. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that Marriage should be eternal. This can be seen in the vows, 'Till death do us part'. This is showing that the bond between the couple should not be broken until God sees fit to end it.

    • Word count: 643
  10. You do not need to go to Church to be a Christian." Do you agree?Give Reasons for your answer in order to show that you have thought about different points

    Blessed are those who pray in your house (Ps 84:4) I agree with both sides of the argument equally, and therefore do not have a definitive point of view on the statement, "You do not have to go to Church to be a Christian". Although, if I did have a certain one way view on the matter, and I thought that it was vital that to be a Christian, you must go to Church, like many people do, then I would use the following points to argue with: Churches are made specifically for Christians to make contact with God in a place that is set aside just for him.

    • Word count: 1290
  11. Why did attempts to silence Luther fail in this period (1517-21)?

    Like many academics of this time, Luther was a monk and as such was compelled to serve where his superiors directed him. Luther was however driven by a remarkably strong force, which gave him no peace as long as he remained in doubt about the exact nature of God. The issue had been brought to a head by the activities of John Tetzel, a Dominican friar. Tetzel was selling indulgences in the area near to Wittenberg. He was not allowed into the territories of the Elector for fear that he would compete with the indulgences sold in Wittenberg.

    • Word count: 985
  12. A Place of Muslim Worship

    > Washing areas This is a necessary part in the design of a mosque as Muslims must approach Allah in a state of purity. This washing is called wudu. The washing areas are separate for men and women and their design varies from beautiful fountains in courtyards to simple sinks with taps. > Minaret This is where the Mu'adhdhin calls the believers to prayer five times daily, while facing the Ka'bah in Makkah. The minaret is used only in Muslim countries because it is an obvious inconvenience to some people who are not Muslim for the call to prayer to

    • Word count: 1421
  13. "Calvin's success in Geneva was due to the organisation and disciplineOf the movement rather than to his theology" how far do you agree with this Statement?

    At first his reforms did not go over well. He addressed the issue of church governance by creating leaders within the new church; he himself developed a catechism designed to impose doctrine on all the members of the church. He and Guillaume Farel (1489-1565) imposed a strict moral code on the citizens of Geneva; this moral code was derived from a literal reading of Christian scriptures. Naturally, the people of Geneva believed that they had thrown away one church only to see it replaced by an identical twin; in particular, they saw Calvin's reforms as imposing a new form of papacy on the people, only with different names and different people.

    • Word count: 1641
  14. Worship is when we pray too God and praise him. You can praise God in lots of different ways, through praying, through singing hymns and through

    Another way to worship God is by going on a pilgrimage. We can go on pilgrimages to lots of different place such as Lourdes. We would go to Lourdes so we can get closer to God which is what most Catholics want to do through their lives. Being close to God is one of the ways to worship because. Cross The cross is a universal Christian symbol that is known around the world. People wear crosses on chains. Some do this because they feel God is with them wherever they go others wear them as accessories.

    • Word count: 517
  15. The Power And The Glory (1939) Compare and Contrast the Priest and the Lieutenant.

    The lieutenant, whom is a well-groomed 'dapper fellow', is a stark contrast to the priest. The lieutenant has been scarred, both literally and symbolically in his childhood. His crooked nose and the mark on his face reveal the harsh reality he has endured. As a result, he wants to purge the Government from all things that caused pain, especially organized religion. He blames the Church for the poverty in Mexico, and believes that the Church is simply a waste of money: 'No more money for saying prayers, no more money for building places to say prayers in.'

    • Word count: 2196
  16. Landmarks of Christianity C. 70 CE Council In Jerusalem - After much debate Gentile converts were recognized as being part of the church

    432 CE St Patrick - St Patrick, a missionary bishop went to Ireland and established an organized church C. 540 CE The First Monastery - An Italian Christian called Benedict formed a community of men who totally dedicated themselves and their lives to God. 563 CE Columba - A Celtic monk named 'Columba' started a monastery on the Isle of Iona 787 CE Second Council Of Nicaea - The council fully accepted the use of icons in the Orthodox worship of God 988 CE Establishment of the church of Russia - Vladmir, Prince of Kiev was baptized by missionaries.

    • Word count: 1484
  17. Wooden Box

    They jumped through the window and made there way down the corridor and up the wide staircase. Colin was very scared and the darkness made it worse for Colin along with the creaking floorboards. They made there way into the hall where the toys are opening the door very slowly and carefully and managing to make minimal noise, they went in. "I'm scared Ray, I don't like it in here it's too dark!" "Don't worry Colin" Ray replied "It's just the same as during the day with no lights on," he chuckled There was a scurry across the floor, "What the heck was that?"

    • Word count: 667
  18. The Seventh-day Adventist ReligionThe Seventh-day Adventists (SDA) religion is a fast growing religion and shows no sign of slowing down. There are currently 155 SDA hospitals

    However, they differ on a number of other beliefs such as their thoughts on immortality. They believe that a person is not naturally immortal. When a person dies, they remain unconscious or sleeping until they are resurrected. Eternal life is a gift which God gives only to righteous christians, the rest will be ultimately destroyed. Thus, they do not believe that a person goes to heaven or hell immediately upon death but stay sleeping within the ground until the second coming. Their thoughts on the sabbath perhaps is their most obvious practice which differentiates them from many other churches.

    • Word count: 1727
  19. Knowledge and Understanding of belief and practise The Sacrament of Holy Communion Forms Part of Worship for Most Christians

    These physical and visible elements represent spiritual and invisible things like the bread and wine in the Eucharist which represent the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Worship is important in Christianity, it's defined as: 'The feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity. Religious rites and ceremonies. Great admiration or devotion.' In other words worship is an act of paying divine honour to God especially in religious services. Worship is centred on the beliefs about Jesus Christ. Many different denominations worship in different ways according on what they believe. The Eucharist (from the Greek word for Thanksgiving)

    • Word count: 1520
  20. My trip to Saudi Arabia It was 1 week before I got to know I was going saudia Arabia. My parents asked me if I wanted to go

    We phoned my uncle that I was going he booked the tickets. Four days later that night every one was at my house because we had a family reunion, we were so excited to go we was chatting about how it was going to be? What the people are going to be like? How the atmosphere is going to be like? we couldn't get over it we was so excited, also we found out that we was going to stop at Dubai that got us even more excited cause we have never seen Dubai before.

    • Word count: 1768
  21. There are many factors that suggest the use of the printing press to spread criticism of the Catholic Church was the key factor in bringing about the reformation in Germany.

    I will first talk about the factors that agree with the statement above and then I will look at the factors that disagree with the statement and state that other factors, such as Papal Impotence, were more important. There are many factors that suggest the use of the printing press to spread criticism of the Catholic Church was the key factor in bringing about the reformation in Germany. Firstly, without the printing press many people would never have come to hear about the work of some reformists such as Martin Luther and Erasmus; the printing and publishing of their work

    • Word count: 866
  22. A) How and why do Christians celebrate the Eucharist? b) "It is not necessary to have rituals and ceremonies in a church." Discuss.

    By taking part in the Eucharist ceremony they feel that they are obeying Jesus' command in remembrance of him. The Eucharist Service usually includes: * The confession of sins to obtain forgiveness from God. * Bible readings and a sermon. * Creed, which is a statement of Christians' faith. * The Offertory. This is where the bread and wine are brought to the Altar. * The blessing of the bread and wine. * Communion, where the congregation receive the bread and wine.

    • Word count: 1468
  23. Roman Catholic Church

    Baptism is celebrated a few weeks or maybe even a month after a new baby's birth. This is when the new baby is welcomed into the new religion. Matrimony is when a man and a woman decide together to offer up each-others lives to be married to each-other and to spend the rest of your life with.

    • Word count: 374
  24. Explain the significance of the features and furnishings of a Christian place of worship and say how they reflect and assist belief.

    When entering a church the main focus is usually on the alter. An alter is found in Roman Catholic Church, they are linked to sacrifice. It is used to re-enact the sacrifice of Jesus during the mass. Unlike other religions Catholics believe Jesus's death is the most important point. This is important to strengthen a person's belief that God sent his only son to die for us which is one of the central beliefs of the Roman Catholic religion. This contrasts with the communion table which focus's instead on the last supper, non Catholics believe that Jesus's life and resurrection is more important than Jesus's death.

    • Word count: 709
  25. The different ways some objects are used differently in either type of worship. The two denominations that I am going to write about are the Baptist church (found in maghull) and St George's church (also found in maghull).Maghull Baptist Church

    To the right hand side of the stage is the Baptist pool which is used for the baptising of new believers. The Baptist church has decided to use chairs instead of fixed benches because then they can arrange seating according to the different occasions and events taking place in the church. The communion table can be moved around the church and placed in any place that the reverend wishes to lead the service from. A massive difference between the Baptist church and the roman catholic church is that the vicar/pastor prefers to move around the room instead of staying behind a lectern and also the Baptist church seems to have younger people joining the church.

    • Word count: 1268

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