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GCSE: Places of Worship

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  1. You do not need to go to church to be a Christian. Do you agree?

    If the church is not used as a place of worship, what is it? Fundamentally, the church is people in union with God through Jesus Christ and for instance - Baptist believe the church is only a building, or a shelter from the rain. Is it not better for someone to believe in God and love god and one another? Rather than just using the church a place to gather socially. Do people need to justify themselves to others when surly they have already justified themselves to God?

    • Word count: 518
  2. How far do you agree that the Church was in dire need of reform?

    The Church was the enforcer of social control; it set down the rules of right and wrong. It gave the basis for any education available in such times. Most of Europe's intellectuals devoted their lives to studying theology in Europe's universities. The Catholic Church had activities available to aid self-salvation (such as the seven sacraments and ten commandments), which in such a religious era was considered very important. Many people were willing to aid their salvation by paying money to the Church- known as Indulgences.

    • Word count: 1644
  3. Mosques. A mosque has a dome it is a big open space to represent the universe, this roof shaped like a curve from the top. Also the mosque has some tall towers called Minarets

    Also the mosque has some tall towers called Minarets, Sometimes it has the star and the moon at the top of the tower, this is the religious symbol of Islam it is on the minaret so that Muslim people can see it from far and know this is a mosque. If they are too busy with their work and forget to pray. These days many mosques have loudspeakers instead of a man. All mosques have a special place for Wudu it is called the Wudu Khana.

    • Word count: 1110
  4. Describe the legal requirements of a valid marriage.

    Minimum Age The minimum legal age for getting married is 16 years old. In England and Wales the written consent of the parents or Guardians is required for persons who have not reached 18 years old and have not been previously married. If either of the persons is below 18 a birth certificate must be produced. Sex It is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom that one partner must have been born a male and the other a female.

    • Word count: 719
  5. Investigating three pieces of furniture, discuss their differences

    on it. The Ambo is the name for the pulpit in the Catholic Church. It is on the left side of the Catholic Church. It is made of a very valuable marble and the carvings on it are quite detailed. As well as that the gospel would be read here. There are some differences between these two items of furniture one of which being the Pulpit was very large and the Ambo was very small compared to it. The Ambo was very decorative though and the Pulpit was just a plain wood with no carving etc...

    • Word count: 789
  6. Discuss two poems by R.S. Thomas that Show his skill as a poet. How are they Similar or Different?

    This could also be seen as a metaphor, the light being God and the shadows being evil or a cloud of doubt, showing that the cloud is overcoming his faith, and that evil has become dominant. This image is repeated when 'the bats resume their business'. The word 'resume' suggests that this is common, the bats had only paused from their business during the service. Throughout many of R.S.Thomas's poems, he uses the technique of starting new lines mid-sentence to emphasise a word or a point, 'Often I try To analyse the quality Of it's silences.'

    • Word count: 1773
  7. A study of the attitudes of Roman Catholic, Methodist and Anglican churches to homosexuality.

    the way you were brought up. It is often been shown that a troubled childhood can lead to homosexuality as well as the absence of the father, together with social depression as another cause. Homosexuality is unconditionally rejected as not christianly legitimate either as orientation or a genital expression. There has been an important shift in the churches thinking on homosexuality in the past few years, in recent years there has been the introduction of the homosexual condition or orientation. Which has come about through modern science.

    • Word count: 5753
  8. Visit two local Christian churches. Using pictures and/or diagrams describe and explain the main features of the buildings and their furnishings.

    It is usually made of wood or metal and can be virtually any size. It represents the cross that Jesus died on. In a Roman Catholic church, the crucifix is found above or near the altar, as it was in St. Cuthbert's. This reminds the congregation of Christ's ultimate sacrifice on the cross. The lectern is a reading desk, from which readings are given during a Mass. A Bible or Lectionary is often found placed there in preparation for the day's readings. The priest will sometimes deliver his sermon from the lectern, and in some RC churches there may even be a second lectern parallel to it, from which the laity may read.

    • Word count: 3618
  9. The Catholic Churches teachings on sex before marriage and on divorce do not have much support. Do you think the church should change with her teachings or change them? Give reasons for your answer, make sure that you support your answers and make sure yo

    o Her teachings do not apply to every situation, maybe it needs to be more flexible. In this evaluation section I will consider whether or not the catholic church should change her teachings on sex outside marriage and divorce, I will also talk about the idea that the teachings are no becoming out of date in our modern society. The church bases it's traditional teachings on three things: 1. The Magesterium 2. Apostolic succession 3. Tradition. There are over six hundred million (600,000,000)

    • Word count: 744
  10. The Last Supper

    The disciples were to follow him and enter the house he went into. They then were to say to the owner of the house, "The teacher asks, ' Where is my guest room where I may eat the Passover with my disciples?' " (Mk 14:14-15) The disciples did as Jesus requested and the owner of the house showed them into a large room upstairs, furnished and ready for the Passover. When it was evening the twelve disciples and Jesus took their places and were eating when Jesus said, "Truly I tell you, one of you will betray me, one who is eating with me" (Mk 14:18-19)

    • Word count: 1522
  11. Comparing a Methodist and a Catholic Church

    The Organ was at the front of the church and very large. This shows that Methodists believe singing is a very important part of the service. They believe singing is the strongest and the best way to pray, as do Catholics. They believe God will listen more if you sing. The chapel was not highly decorated because they believe you do not need an elaborately decorated church to pray to God. They see it as a distraction which will stop them fully concentrating on what they are praying about.

    • Word count: 1476
  12. To investigate the changing needs of the congregation of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Meeting House of Dunmurry

    Throughout the plantations there were sever Penal Laws placed on the Catholic and Presbyterian religions. Therefore it is not until the easing of the Penal laws against Presbyterians that we have evidence of an actual permanent church. The church is also called the Non Subscribing Presbyterian Church because some were opposed to the thought of "compulsory subscriptions". In 1892 the church broke away mainstream Presbyterianism. At this time the minister was Dr Henry Montgomery who was opposed to the "confession of faith". Therefore the church is called the first non subscribing meeting house. The loin of Dunmurry, Dr Henry Montgomery.

    • Word count: 1901
  13. Christian Places of Worship

    Some Christians or Christian groups believe that a church or a similar place of worship are not important and too much emphasis on these material things could get in the way of their worship and faith. This belief does not make them less of a Christian but in some ways you could say that these people are more dedicated to the faith because they do not need material things to keep their concentration on worship. Some Christians that do not go to church maybe worshipping or praying in a slightly different way because sometimes groups of Christians meet together at one of their homes to pray and discuss the Bible.

    • Word count: 993
  14. Comparing St. Margaret's Catholic Church and St. Stephen's Church of England

    Information on the early splits of churches After the downfall of the Roman Empire in 410, power in the church shifted from the west to the east. However, a council of bishops, meeting at Chalcedon in 451, adopted a resolution that many eastern bishops could not accept. As a result, the church began to show its first real signs of disintegration with the formation of the eastern oriental church. It was not till 1054 that the split between east and west became final when the great schism took place.

    • Word count: 637
  15. Secularisation. The decrease in importance of religion in peoples lives, this is the definition of secularisation. Years ago about 40% of the population claimed they attended church each week.

    But now people do not follow the rules of the church as closely as previously done. The church's influence on the way the country is run has now also declined; previously the church was an important factor in how the country was run. But now it has an every declining influence on the political side. The functions of the church have been taking over and responsibility has been passed onto other organisations. Things such as social work used to be controlled by the church, people used to turn to the church to help them with problems, but now the state has brought in the paid social workers and they have replaced the church.

    • Word count: 1090
  16. Islamic Buildings

    It has many mosaisc, faience, and marble, but some were added many centuries after its completion. The dome of the Rock's outline is octagonal; many people have said the Dome of the Rock looks more Roman or Byzantine than Islamic. The dome is approximately 18 m in diameter, there is a octagonal arcade with 24 piers and columns inside the dome; both the dome and the exterior walls contain many windows. Taj Mahal The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum on the southern bank of the Yamuna River near Agra in India. It is regarded as a "supreme achievement of Mughal architecture, and as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world."

    • Word count: 1018
  17. In “Young Goodman Brown,” Hawthorne uses the symbols of Goodman Brown, the people he meets in the forest, and the drop of dew that falls upon his cheek to develop the theme of hypocrisy.

    As they walk together, Goodman Brown boasts about his relatives and their righteousness. His family "has been a race of honest men and good Christians since the days of the martyrs" (Hawthorne 2). He resists the Devil's temptations like his family because he takes great pride in his family and their morals. However, the Devil informs Goodman Brown that he is "as well acquainted with [Brown's] family as ever a one among Puritans. They were [the Devil's] good friends" (McIntosh 2). Like his father and grandfather's hypocrisy, Brown becomes a hypocrite of himself because of his family's history and influence upon him.

    • Word count: 973
  18. St Germans Church in Cornwall

    The Church is unusual because it has 2 towers which most churches only have 1 tower also it is unusual because most churches are in a shape of a cross and St Germans is also very large. Porch The Porch The porch had a Gable, which was unusual in Cornwall. The porch was made of elven slate, a local stone that was made by Land drake quarry. The porch is 20 foot wide, which is very strange for a church, and was on of the largest porches around in England.

    • Word count: 3964

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