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There are more important things for Christians to do than go on pilgrimage'

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Georgina Thomas AO3- 'There are more important things for Christians to do than go on pilgrimage' Those who support this quote might say that pilgrimage is unnecessary in a Christian's life, and better things could be done with the time or money. Those against the quote would say that pilgrimage is a very important thing in a Christian's life because they could grow spiritually and prepare themselves to care for others. To know what Christians should do to follow Christ's example, we have to look in the Bible at the New Testament. It is clear he worshipped and prayed, which meant he was setting us an example to do the same. In Luke Temptations, Jesus says "It is written: Worship the Lord your God and serve him only". ...read more.


Those for pilgrimage could say that Christians follow these commandments by going on pilgrimage. I conducted a class survey and asked students what a Christian should do, interestingly in our list Pilgrimage came fourth in importance. It is mentioned in the Bible that Jesus went on pilgrimage twice, both times to Jerusalem for Passover, the first time he was 12 and the Bible shows his final visit just before death. Pilgrimage is a journey of discovery and a declaration of faith. Christians can gain a lot from going on pilgrimage, and by becoming closer to God they can help others do the same. Some see that the money it costs to go on pilgrimage could be put to better use, like helping the poor, and consider the poverty in our world. ...read more.


To go to mass for Catholic Christians, means receiving of the Eucharist this helps Christians gain a sense of belonging, and a Church is somewhere where they can express their faith with people around them who feel similar. A downside of public worship is that people can go with no intent of participating and therefore gain little from the experience. Worship on pilgrimage is meaningful because it is with people who believe as much as others do. After looking at both sides of the argument I have decided to go with the quote, pilgrimage may be important to some people, but it is not crucial. Christians could still lead a good life by following Jesus' teaching and example. Some people aren't very well off financially and cannot go on pilgrimage but this doesn't meant they are any less of a Christian compared to someone who has There are more important things like receiving the Eucharist every week, praying, and helping others. ...read more.

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