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'There are more important things for Christians to do than to go on pilgrimage.' Do you agree?

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c) 'There are more important things for Christians to do than to go on pilgrimage.' Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view. There are both reasons which could agree or disagree with this statement. I agree with this statement because there are more important things for Christians to do than to go on pilgrimages to other countries. The main things Christians should always do are to go to Church on a regular basis to show their devotion to God and to help others. Christians should also help those who are less fortunate than themselves and should help those in their local community. ...read more.


He just wanted people to help each other and be devoted to their religion. Pilgrimage may not always be seen to be a good thing as pilgrims spend much of their time looking at sites and churches and this could be mistaken for worshipping idols or objects which is forbidden in the 10 Commandments. The pilgrimage could also possibly divert away from its purpose and become a holiday of looking at the sites and this would defeat the purpose of travelling there in the first place. Christians should help more at home for those who are in need at old people's homes or homeless shelters or helping out in charity shops as this was what Jesus asked them to do. ...read more.


Going on a pilgrimage would encourage others to believe in God and to show their belief by visiting various sites of pilgrimage. Pilgrimages are important parts of religions and they show devotion and dedication towards God. It also shows discipline that people are willing to travel to different countries and express their belief in God and their religion. Going lets Christians honour and respect Jesus and all that he did for the Christian faith. Pilgrimages also let Christians appreciate life and to live it to the full when they return home. Overall, I believe that it is important for Christians to go on pilgrimages to express their faith and devotion to God and Jesus but that at the same time they should not forget their responsibilities at home and should always look after others just as Jesus asked them to. ...read more.

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