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"There should be no Rich Christians as long as there is Poverty in the World" Do you agree?

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"There should be no Rich Christians as long as there is Poverty in the World" Do you agree? There is a difference in wealth between the north/south divide. The Rich north obtains nearly four fifths of the worlds income whereas the Poor South has only one fifth. The North is rich and the South is poverty-stricken. By the word "rich I mean in a material sense - the north has plenty of material and financial wealth whereas the South has very little. However, for many people in the south, being materially wealthy is not something they desire, and they are therefore spiritually rich. It is impossible for many in the Rich North to be spiritually rich "oh how hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God". ...read more.


The amount of money that requires appears a lot but when compared with the amount spent in HDC's on various things (such as cosmetics and ice cream) it appears to be a small amount. The following statistics are taken from the 1999 United Nations Human Development Report. Basic education, water and sanitation, and basic health and nutrition for every human on the planet would cost $28 billion. But that is $8 billion less than is spent on American cosmetics, ice cream in Europe and pet foods combined. It is thought by many that having no rich Christians while there is poverty in the world would be ridiculous. Having a certain number of rich Christians means that charities are able to operate. ...read more.


They believe that if all of the wealth in the world was shared then the poor could finally choose for themselves what they would like doing about their lives, instead of having some charity do it for them. They also believe that anyone who is rich is spiritually poor, and therefore should share their riches and follow in the steps of Jesus by giving generously. In conclusion, I am for and against the idea of having no rich Christians whilst there is poverty in the world. I believe that those who set up charities and use them for the benefit of the rich and the poor need material riches. However, I also feel that everything in the world should be shared with everyone. It seems unjust that because someone was born in Great Britain they have an abundance of possessions and riches compared with someone born in Asia. Abbie Taylor 10KG ...read more.

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