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There should be no rich Muslims along as there is poverty in the world I disagree with the above statement, because there is nothing against being rich,

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B. "There should be no rich Muslims along as there is poverty in the world" I disagree with the above statement, because there is nothing against being rich, Islam teaches us that wealth is given by God to whom ever he wills, therefore we should be satisfied with what we're given. If all the rich Muslims in the world gave they wealth in any sort of form for example, money or food, this would not totally eradicate poverty because as Muslims, they would only give their charity to Muslim organisations. So there will still be poverty in the world amongst the non-Muslims, also the fact that they themselves will also become poor having giving most of there wealth away. ...read more.


Such is The God's commandment. The GOD is Omniscient, Most Wise. Therefore Zakah; is a way of helping to eradicate poverty in such a way that the rich can still remain wealthy, though still help the poor. However others might say all the rich people can give they wealth until there is no poverty, but the fact is that they is millions more poor people in the world than rich people, so no matter how much a person donates there will always be poverty in the world. Some people may not want to give their wealth away but the following Quran ayah: 'Cannot gain complete reward until you spend from what you like' Tells us that we should spend on the poor what we would spend on ourselves. ...read more.


This ayah tells us that those people that spend their money on drugs, alcohol and gambling will be punished and are a disgrace. So in conclusion, I think there should be rich Muslims in the world as long as there's poverty, because if nobody was rich then nobody would be able to develop things further or help each other. Hazrat Anas reported that the messenger of Allah said. 'The best charity is to satisfy a hungry belly' Ibni omer reported that the messenger of Allah said 'Verily there is a key for everything and the key to paradise is to love the poor' Hadith-Darquini As long as there fulfil they duty of Zakah in the Islamic manner then there is nothing wrong with being a rich Muslim and I therefore maintain my view and belief there should be rich Muslims in the world. ...read more.

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