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TO WHAT EXTENT DOES THE SANCTITY OF LIFE MEAN THAT EUTHANASIA SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED? (CONSIDER BOTH CHRISTIANS & MUSLIMS ARGUMENTS) Euthanasia is 'good death', or else known as 'mercy killing', which is to end the life of a person who is suffering badly from illness. Both Christians and Muslims fundamentalist consider this as an act of violating the sanctity of life, the idea that life is a sacred gift for God; therefore, euthanasia is forbidden in most cases. However, some Christians might argue that this is only fulfilling the commandment "Love thy neighbour as thyself" (Leviticus 19.18). Christians believes that God "created all life" (Genesis 1) and thus life is "a gift of God to be preserved and nourished (Church of England). Life must always be treated with respect. As "God created man in his own image" (Genesis 1.27), human life is thus valuable and destroying it seems disrespectful to God himself. ...read more.


Muslims hold similar views on euthanasia. Muslims also believe in the sanctity of life, i.e. life is scared. We should not take away a person's life as it is stated in the Qur'an that "If anyone kills a person ... it would be as if he killed the whole people" (Qur'an 5.32). All Muslims believe that Allah is the creator of life and only he can decide when a life may end. It is believed that the term of life is fixed by Allah - "Allah fixed the time span of all things" (Surah 53). Euthanasia would be seen as a violation of the 'shirk', that we should always serve one God. As Allah "makes barren whom he wills" (Surah 42.50), euthanasia is interfering Allah's plan for ending one's life early, a clear abuse of the Islamic law - playing God. Islam teaches that life on Earth is a test. Sick endure suffering might suggest that this may be the testing of Allah. ...read more.


living will) on euthanasia, then we should respect him and allow him to die with pride. If animals can be killed rather than let them suffer, why can't we human do the same? Euthanasia allows people to die with dignity. If the quality of a patient life has deteriorated so bad that it is purely agony, and then we should respect the patient, let them die quietly and painlessly. Everyone can benefit from euthanasia, where the patient can leave this world peacefully, also spares the anguish of one's relatives and friends. This is an 'all-win' method; also fulfill the idea of utilitarianism, which is maximizing happiness in the world. Surely God would not want us all to live in despair. It is difficult to decide on moral issues. Although most Christians and Muslims believe that euthanasia is wrong for it violates God's will or the "shirk", it seems wrong to leave someone to live in pain when they are incurable and is likely to die. Shall we respect one's will or shall we follow God's instruction? This is still a question that we can yet answer. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adrian Tam (G) ...read more.

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