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Violence in Movies Bulling Our Youth

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Violence in Movies Bulling Our Youth "My name is Bond, James Bond." Almost everyone knows that this dialogue belongs to a famous British casanova hero who saves the world in the "James Bond" movies. These movies in every episode always successfully hit the Box office. Like other action films, film industries gain a number of money when the films was released. However, many heroes in movies often solve problems by violent acts. This becomes a typical character of action film hero. As a result, violent crimes even among children are more and more prominent in our society. Thus, government should regulate violent scenes in movies more and every producer must have responsibility to be more creative, more positive and less selfish. It has been claimed that movies are presentations of the real world. They are established to present the real problems in the society directly and indirectly, they prepare people for real life. Therefore, it is quite right that they contain violent scenes because they are the truth and they can help people understand their own problems more easily. However, please think twice about the films that you have seen ... ...read more.


For example, in "Die Hard" we could see around 2,000 people die and in "Rambo" around 3,000 deaths. Actually, the good guys killed more people than the bad guys so children may think that killing people is not such a bad thing to do because their hero does it too. Do our children get used to the image of people being gunned down or feel depressed when they see scenes of people being murdered in cold blood with sharp scythes like in "Scream" and "I Know What You did Last Summer"? Moreover, what most children think when their hero, like James Bond, seems to have sex with his female accomplice in every episode before they save the world and why does James Bond have a new his girl in every episode? Monogamy is being lost. Also movies like "American Pie", inwhich we see the culture of male teenagers, desperate to have had sex with a girl before they reach the end of high school, this puts a false pressure on youngsters to experiment sexually. Now many kids misunderstand what is right to do. ...read more.


As law against cigarette, a potentially dangerous product should be controlled and clearly labelled, for example, telling how violent scenes in the movies have side-effect on people under in the age of... . Because it causes our world unhealthy!! The term "Youth" from Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English means "the period of time when someone is young, especially the period between being a child and being fully grown". Childhood is the age of imitating role models which can be their parents, teachers, or people surrounding them. Now children who learn from what they see are sitting opposite the big screen seeing lots of bloody deaths, and even blood covering on the screen. Is this what adults call entertainment? Do you want them to grow up desensitized to extreme violence because they have seen on the big screen since they were children? Remember this... youth is the future of the world. This is a serious problem for our society. If you want this world to be a place of peace and morality, we, all adults who are involved, should save our next generation from this violence in movies. Stop bullying the future of our world. MANURADA 4440156322 ...read more.

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