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Wealth And Poverty

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Wealth and Poverty Ai) Wealth and Poverty is a topic touched on many times in the bible. In 1 Timothy 9-10 there are bits which say "People who want to get rich fall into temptation" and "the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil" In these verses it doesn't mention that being rich is evil but it does say that money can consume you and if you let it control you it can lead to evil things. In proverbs 19 verse 7 it says "" When you give to the poor, it is like lending to the Lord and the Lord will pay you back. If you help the poor, you are lending to the LORD - and he will repay you!" This shows that God knows there are rich people and poor people in the world but he also wants the rich people to support the poor. In the early church mentioned in the book acts everyone shared all their belongings so that no-one needed anything but no-one had to much of anything either completely destroying the gap between wealth and poverty. Probably the most famous bible verse about wealth is in Luke chapter 8 verse 25 "Its easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven." ...read more.


There is also major diseases going round which could be avoided, especially Aids, at the moment in Africa there are many falsities going round about aids and it's cures including sleeping with virgins (which can lead to rapes of girls as young as 2) where if everyone got the truth in Africa through simple basic education then there would be massive prevention of Aids, also if we helped mothers with Aids it could also prevent aids getting to the next generation, at the moment the medicine needed to stop Aids getting from mother to baby during birth can not be afforded by African Government and even the lucky mothers who get the medicine pass on Aids through breastfeeding as they cant afford milk powder. This could all be avoided if the MEDC's (more economically developed countries) supported the LEDC's (Less economically developed countries) into developing economically and socially. Aiii) Tearfund is a Christian charity which has a vision to unite the world in peace. Sharing processions with those who need them (just like the early church...see Ai) and transform the lives of people who live in poverty or illness. Tearfund has a real vision to change the way we see the world, as we see the world as a place of pain, suffering, war and illness and with very little joy. ...read more.


However, as I mentioned earlier about how in the book of acts it says that people shared their belongings and food so that everyone would be able to survive, if we were able to unite people or communities we could encourage them to share with and support each other in the community, if we were able to encourage this I think it would be possible to be able to combat poverty. It is also says in Mark 9:23 that "Everything is possible for him who believes" So technically we could hope for an equal world and God could make that possible. So overall I do agree with that sentence but I just fail to see how to make it possible. I think many people would agree with me too apart from certain people who are probably rich people who think it is their right to have lots of money and they worked for it so therefore they deserve the money which is a quite good point. However I think that no-one rich has ever worked as hard as some people do work in other countries either making clothes or growing crops and yet they don't get that money they are entitled to. ...read more.

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