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What can a study of ST. Marks gospel tell Christians about the nature of Discipleship?

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Part 1 What can a study of ST. Marks gospel tell Christians about the nature of Discipleship? Mark's gospel can tell Christians a lot about the nature of Discipleship. A disciple is a person who follows another and is taught by their "leader". Jesus had followers who were called disciples, and they followed him because they wanted to learn from him about the kingdom of God and to model their lives on his teachings. Jesus had twelve main disciples, who were different to other disciples. Jesus handpicked them; these men were not senior in the church like Pharisees and Sadducees. He picked them because he saw something special in them. These would be the men that would spread the word after Jesus was gone. Jesus chose the first four disciples who were fishermen on the banks of the lake Galilee. ...read more.


He says to "leave self behind " Coopers explanation of to leave self-behind is: "To leave self behind means to put oneself last in all things; to have no care about ones life, position or esteem; and to have no desire for rights or privileges except that of belonging to God. " So this means living without certain pleasures and privileges like many people live without certain things for lent. But living without these things will give you a greater pleasure of belonging to God. Being a Disciple also means you have to go out and work for Jesus. Some disciples are also given the power of healing. Some are sent out to foreign countries to preach to people about the kingdom of god. But because of this they cannot expect to become rich, as there was no income in this. ...read more.


Peter put his whole life in Gods hands. He had the faith to go out and preach at dangerous times for Christians and was put to death on a cross because of his beliefs. This shows, that to be a disciple you have to be prepared to do anything for your faith in God even if it means giving up your life. In keeping with being a devoted disciple you would have to give up nearly all of your possessions. This is so you can fully focus on God and learn to be a good disciple to him. Jesus even told Disciples to give all their wealth to the poor, this is a hard thing to do, to give up everything that you have worked hard for.cobg bgr sebgbgw orbg bgk inbg fobg bg! Jesus said that real followers are like children. They accept things that they are taught, and they do not question them or doubt. ...read more.

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