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What does the law state about abortion? Explain religious teaching on abortion

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Abortion (a). What does the law state about abortion? Explain religious teaching on abortion. Before 1967 Abortion was illegal; if women wanted an abortion it was done illegally. About 30 women on average died each year due to back-street abortions. Between 40,000 and 200,000 back-street abortions took place each year. (a) In 1967 an abortion act was introduced it stated: - That 2 doctors had to agree on one of the two conditions stated below, 1. (known as the social clause), If keeping the baby would cause physical or mental damage to the mother or if her life was in danger through continuing with the pregnancy or if keeping the baby would cause any mental or physical damage to the already existing children (if any).For example, if the mother had no money or nowhere to live this would allow her to abort her baby. 2. If there was a high risk that the baby was going to be physically or mentally handicapped following tests. - It aimed to stop illegal back-street abortions by providing a legal and safe way for abortion to take place. ...read more.


Catholics see conception as a gift of life. Mother Teresa said, "If you do make a mistake don't destroy a life.... Because also to that child God says 'I have called you by your name; I have carved you in the palm of my hand; you are mine'." In a second century document called 'The Didache' it said, "You shall not kill by abortion the fruit of thy womb." -2- The feminist view is: That they believe abortion is fine for any woman to have and because it is their own body they can do as they wish. The Women's Abortion and Contraception Campaign Manifesto say, " Women must have control over their own lives. For this we must have control over our own bodies.....Abortion must become freely available to all women who want it. We must be able to have children when we want them, and children have the right to be wanted." The Humanist Dipper said "Humanists regard abortion as better than bringing unwanted babies into the world. It is a mistake to say Humanists are in favour of abortion; no one can be in favour of abortion, which, except in unforeseen circumstances, is the result of failed contraception. ...read more.


This just proves that abortion has been made too easy for those who have no good reason to murder the foetus. The 'social clause' is allowing women to have an abortion as a means of contraception or as an act of convenience. What is absolutely devastating is the thought that in a hospital a blood transfusion could take place to save the life of a 23 week foetus whilst in another ward a termination of a perfectly healthy baby of the same age. A baby in the womb can feel pain as early as 5 weeks, has a beating heart by as early as 24 days, has it's own blood supply, all it's organs, fingerprints, brainwaves and can make a fist as early as 8 weeks gestation. This to me sounds as much like a human being than can be, so why are people killing innocent lives! Ignoring the rights and the respect of those who cannot survive independently could soon mean they will legalise euthanasia. They are both the merciless slaughter of those who are unable to survive independently. As a conclusion I therefore say I think that abortion shouldn't be totally banned but that the 'social clause' should definitely be stopped. ...read more.

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