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What is Euthanasia?

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Euthanasia Section A Euthanasia is the taking of somebody's life at their own will in an un-harmful and painless way. In my coursework I am going to explain how the teachings of Christianity might influence the actions of a follower, and I am going to look at the beliefs of different people. In the bible today there are many different topics covered which people face in life, but there is no speaking of the taking of somebody's life at their own will. There are currently four different types of euthanasia, these are voluntary; when a person chooses euthanasia at free will, then there is involuntary; when euthanasia is used without the persons consent due to illness or trauma. Passive euthanasia is one of the most commonly used forms as it occurs when a patient cannot be cured however the doctors ...read more.


Some Christians believe that life is what god made, then it should not be taken away, because it is ultimately Gods. Some Christians also believe that God would not want some people to feel hurt if they have an illness or anything, therefore they believe Euthanasia can be a good thing if used correctly. Section B There are various organisations throughout the world that support different views on the actions that should be taken who want or should be able to have their life taken away. One of them is Hospice movements. These have been set up as an alternative for euthanasia, they are like residential homes for the elderly or disabled. They care in controlling pain and look after their residents very well. ...read more.


They can write a 'living will' as well which says that in certain circumstances, their life should not be sustained. Section c I think that a lot of Christian's would argue that death is Gods business and that we should not interfere with the lives of people. In my opinion I believe and I think God would believe that it is up to the person who's life is in question to as whether they would like to live or not, and I feel they should be given the option to a pleasant death. I think every human being should be given the right to free choice, but I think that most Christians would disagree with me, basically because it does say anything about it in the bible. In my opinion though I feel that people should at least have the option of euthanasia. Shaun Mills 11T1 Coursework Euthanasia ...read more.

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