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What is Euthanasia.

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Euthanasia The term "euthanasia" comes from the two Greek words Eu and Thanatos and means and easy gentle death. This is were the patient requests the physician to en their life, this is called voluntary euthanasia. There is also involuntary euthanasia this is were, say the patient is in a coma and cannot make the request for themselves so the doctors decide to make the decision for them. This is a kind of murder. Euthanasia can involve emotive discussion. There are certainly points for and against that disserved careful consideration. It is my intention through the course of this essay to look at these arguments and see if we can reach a conclusion. There are a lot of points for and against euthanasia here are a few: If the victim is terminally ill with the prospect of painful death, they may want to end the suffering before it really begins. ...read more.


Then again if we kept thinking like that then we could never bring ourselves to do it. Perhaps there was someone else with a 60- 40% chance of recovery that needed that equipment, I would give them that chance. Would you? Reasons against euthanasia When someone makes the decision to end their life, it is the last and most important decision they will ever make. They need to think it through really carefully and know in their heart of hearts that is what they want. Even when that is sorted they need to find someone to carry out the task and there isn't exactly going to be quos of people wanting the job of killing sick people. The victim may be so ill that they can't do it themselves. So who's going to do it? Another reason against euthanasia is God put us on earth he has a plan and he knows when we should live and when we should die we shouldn't go interfering with this. ...read more.


He made a remarkable recovery and about 3 months later was moved back to Derry hospital were he spent another 5 months gradually getting better. During all that most of the doctors an nurses felt there was no hope for him and as you can imagine they were really shocked when they saw how well he was doing they all thought there was no hope for him. As my mum and grandma were making arrangements for him to come home they got a call from the hospital telling them an abscess had erupted in his stomach and that he had already been through too much to perform more surgery. We prayed for another miracle but I guess it was his time. After a year and a half of suffering he was finally in no more pain. I am leaving the conclusion up to you to decide because I don't think anyone has the right to tell anyone what to do with his or her life. They may advise them but never tell them. Don't forget you never know what could happen. LYNN MCCULLOUGH ...read more.

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