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What is meant by abortion

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Abortion A. What is meant by abortion? Abortion is the term used to describe the premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb, or the operation to cause this. It is when a pregnant woman intentionally gets rid of her child before it is fully developed. Abortion is an extremely topical issue and has been practised for many centuries, although it only became legal in Britain in 1967. This was because an act was passed to encourage women not to have dangerous 'Back Street Abortions'. People who had no medical experience often carried these out. The Abortion Act allowed abortions to be carried out, if two doctors agreed that: * The mother's life was in danger * Grave permanent injury to the mother's physical, or mental, health may occur. * If there is greater risk of injury to the physical, or mental, health of the mother, or her existing children than if the pregnancy was aborted. * Substantial risk that the child would be born with major physical and mental disabilities. No time limit was set, but in general practise it is advised that the pregnancy shouldn't have passed the 28th week, although this was reduced to 24 weeks in 1990. The situations above are all valid reasons for abortion, however there are many other reasons that women seek abortion, even if the foetus is perfectly healthy. For instance, if continuing the pregnancy would destroy, or dramatically change the women's future plans, or if the women couldn't emotionally or financially support a child. ...read more.


Of all the denominations, the Roman Catholic Church is the only one to completely oppose abortion. This is quite a traditional view, as many of the other churches realise we live in modern times, where we are open to choice. Sometimes it is far more sensible to have an abortion that to live with a child that isn't really wanted and can't have the full love and support of its mother. Roman Catholics still take a very definite view that, as God is present at the very moment of conception, he begins life, and only he can take it away. B. Explain how Christians may respond to the question of abortion. Christians, just like non-Christians, take different views on the issue of abortion. As I have mentioned, abortion is never written about in the bible, but from the beginnings of Christianity, the church has been consistently opposed to it. Many Christians took this stance, but ideas were reconsidered during the 1960's, as society was changing. Some church leaders could see that the traditional teachings on abortion simply weren't practical in the modern world. Most importantly they were forcing women to have 'Back Street Abortions', carried out by unqualified people in unhealthy conditions. These people were Christians and although they didn't abandon the idea of the sanctity of life, they could see that weighed against the other principles in the bible, in some circumstances an abortion was a far more sensible option. In the modern world, Christians will respond to the question of abortion in one of two ways. ...read more.


In consideration, these are only people's opinions of what they think should happen. Often, an individual will act a lot differently in the situation. Christians will always be in a difficult situation as to what they depict as right or wrong, as much of the bible is interpreted differently be each person. They must live with their own conscience, a set of values produced by their faith. I personally believe that abortion should be available to anyone who wishes to have one, whether they have a justifiable reason or not. The decision can only be made by the woman and they must be certain of it in their own mind, not have their judgement clouded by other organisation's beliefs. Women have a right to control their own fertility and decide when they want a baby. This ensures the child is very much wanted and can receive both the emotional and financial support it needs. In many ways, if a mother chooses to have an abortion, they could be seen to have a pro-life stance, they are choosing life, their life and ultimately they are the person on the planet now. Why should they spoil their life for something that doesn't even really exist? I believe that life begins right at the moment of birth, not before, so I don't se abortion as cruel or as murder. It is necessary and a sensible choice in the modern world. If we have the technology and facilities to allow what, in many cases, is a life saving procedure then surely we should encourage it, instead of having a world with many un-wanted and un-loved children. ...read more.

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