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What is meant by the word abortion?

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Christian Perspectives on personal, Social and World Issues A) i) What is meant by the word abortion? Abortion, by definition is the removal of a foetus from a womans uterus before it is able to survive independently. It may be spontaneous (miscarriage) or induced. ii) What biblical and Christian Teachings might be used in a discussion about abortion? There is no direct biblical text relating to abortion, although Christians may refer to the earliest know Christian document, the Didache. This states, "Thou shall not kill the foetus in the mothers womb". Apart from this Christians have to interpret other texts. Christians believe in the sanctity of life. Sanctity of life is the idea that comes from both Jewish and Christian religions. Human beings alone out of all God's creations are said to be like God. They share something of God's nature. ...read more.


Any one who destroys God's temple will himself be destroyed by God, because the temple of God is holy and that temple you are.". Christians are generally against abortion although some take a harder line than others. Christians share with Jews the belief that human life is sacred. The General Synod of the Church of England in nineteen eighty-three stated that all human life, including that developing in the womb should be `nurtured, supported and protected'. Jesus said nothing about abortion but he had a special concern for children. He also taught much about the need to care for the weak in society, so many Christian's feel that he would favour a law protecting the unborn child. Christian's belief in the sanctity of life is central to a Christian understanding of the issue of abortion. If life is sacred, a gift from God then it cannot be acceptable to take life. ...read more.


Life begins at conception. 2) Life begins at birth. 3) Life begins at some time between conception and birth. 4) It is impossible for us to say when life begins. If Christians accept the first then they cannot accept abortion. If they accept the second, abortion will be acceptable. Most Christians, however, do not accept this response as there is little Biblical support for it.. If Christians accept the third response, then they may accept abortion up until a given stage in the pregnancy. The problem here is on deciding when exactly during pregnancy life begins. If they accept the fourth, then surely abortion cannot be permitted, as Christians will not know whether or not they are going against the principle of the sanctity of life. Most biblical support can be found for the first and fourth responses. Both these responses would lead to an opposition to abortion. Christian tradition has been anti-abortion from the earliest days of the Church. So it is very difficult to agree with abortion if you follow Christian teachings. ...read more.

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