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What is meant by the word Abortion?

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R.E Coursework - Abortion A1) What is meant by the word Abortion? "Abortion is the surgical removal of the foetus in a woman's womb before birth; the termination of pregnancy results in the death of the foetus." This is the definition that someone would find on abortion when they are looking it up in the dictionary. However the medical definition of abortion is "any death of a baby and its expulsion from the mother's body." However sometimes the death of a foetus happens on its own which is called a miscarriage. The woman may not know that she is pregnant and may carry on taking tablets/drugs, which are harmful to the baby and which are very likely to cause the death of a baby. Miscarriages could also occur when the baby is injured severely inside the mother's womb. The mother may not realise/know that she is pregnant and therefore wouldn't know to protect her womb where the baby lies. Today, within any society that has strong Christian beliefs abortion is referred to as the deliberate killing and removal of the foetus. Before 1967, when the Abortion Act was passed, many women went to clinics and many with less money went to the 'back street' abortionists, where abortion was done in dangerous conditions, by untrained people usually a retired midwife. ...read more.


As abortion became more legal women became more eager to achieve the full freedom of their choice no matter what. This was seen as "Abortion on Demand" and in 1973 the Supreme Court of the United States decided on two cases that legalised abortion for any reason before the 24th week of pregnancy. However although the Supreme Court decided on this, the law did allow individual states to alter and change the conditions needed to have an abortion. The only thing that was completely legal in all states was that abortion could be carried out if it affected the woman's health. The United States Supreme Court changed and added many new conditions to the law that was passed in 1973. The court gave the right to girls under the age of 18 to have abortions. This was later on changed to the condition where a girl having an abortion needed the consent from at least one of her parents. Although many laws have been passed because of the 1973 abortion law a final decision still hasn't been made. The conditions of abortions keep changing and during the years there have been many protests and riots due to abortion. The discussion still goes on today. There are many ways in which abortion could be carried out today. There are two categories, which the methods belong to. Surgical methods and medical methods. ...read more.


This pill contains estrogen which blocks the progesterone a hormone needed to maintain the pregnancy. There are many views in the world today on abortion. Many think it is murder and sin while many see it as a woman's right and a step to freedom. I personally believe that it is murder because just like the description of the methods of abortion, it states that the baby is 'killed' within the process if it happens to survive. This shows that there is a deliberate killing of a baby even if it survives outside the womb of a woman after abortion. Many people would say that abortion is murder as it is possibly what their elders said when they were young. In the past people made judgements on issues such as abortion and people were led o think that it was murder, because of these judgements many women were arrested for life imprisonment during the 19th century for having an abortion. Although I have stated about judgements and the effect they have had to make people believe it is the wrong thing I still believe that it is murder. I think that if someone close was to have an abortion friend and relatives shouldn't start gossiping or making comments because it is an issue where the decision lies in the person having an abortion. People should start to show respect for people's decisions and should show this by not making horrible judgements, which will lead others to think that. ...read more.

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