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What is prayer? How do Christians pray?

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AO1 (16 marks) What is prayer? How do Christians pray? Prayer is a form of communication with God. People communicate with God because they feel they will receive strength and guidance. Other reasons why people pray are that they need healing for themselves or others. Every time you pray God will answer it. What some people don't realise is that God may not answer in a way they expected. Christians believe prayer is an essential part of there relationship with God. If you don't pray your relationship will fall apart so it's important to pray. ...read more.


Not all Christian pray in the same way. Some Christian use aids to help them focus on their prayers. Roman Catholics use the rosary and statues as aids to prayer. Orthodox use icons to help them focus in prayer. Icons are a big part in Orthodox prayer. They will use the icons as representation of the saint they are praying to. They also stand up in their masses as a sign of respect to God. Quakers are different. They sit in a circle or square around a table in the centre of the room. ...read more.


Evangelicals use meditation to help them focus and they too use the Lord's Prayer in their worship to God. The Jesus Prayer can help you in meditation. This prayer can help you focus on God and repeating the prayer, will keep your mind on God. Christians use the Lord's Prayer because it is only about God. This helps people focus on their prayer and it is also used with meditation. Overall both prayers are very important. Both prayers are also important because they are so old. Even when languages were changed (Latin to English) the original meaning of the prayer was never altered. This alone makes the prayers very special. ...read more.

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