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Why Do Many Christians oppose abortion?

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WHY DO MANY CHRISTIANS OPPOSE ABORTION? Abortion is when a pregnant woman decides to terminate her pregnancy, officially. It's her decision and the foetus is then killed/destroyed. The abortion act says that a woman can have an abortion only if the pregnancy is no longer than 24 weeks. Also if it is going to effect the mental and physical state of the mother or any of her existing children. If the child was born to be seriously handicapped then an abortion will be allowed. Many Christians (pro-life) oppose abortion two reasons which they give for this are in one of the oldest surviving Christian documents it says "you shall not kill by abortion the fruit of the womb and you shall not murder the infant already born". This statement clearly states that an abortion is equivalent to killing the foetus. Many Christians believe this and therefore have absolute morality. Another reason to why some Christians think that abortion is ethically wrong is in the 10 Commandments, one of the commandments is "do not murder" and "life must be protected". Christians believe that life is God given and so therefore should not be destroyed. ...read more.


For many Christians on these basis an abortion will be totally justified. The foetus may not be able to lead a healthy or a good, full life and an abortion will be seen to be helping the foetus not depriving it of a life. A statement from David Steele (M.P also was a Christian): "Jesus invites us to live a full life. What kind of life awaits a severely brain-damaged foetus?" They would base their views on the principal in the Bible that they do this out of love and that it is not done in vain. The Bible is not a textbook. It is a guide for Christians to follow and to help them to live a good, moral life. It can provide useful teaching which they can adapt them to their problems they may be facing. But during this 21st century the Bible does not contain advice or teachings on modern day problems it only include principals and morals. The Bible also plays a big part on the views of Christians that are for and against abortion. Against abortion this is based mainly on the sanctity of life which is: * Life is God-given * Life should not be ...read more.


Some examples of authority that they turn to are: * The Bible * A local Vicar/Priest * Other Christian friends * Friends from church * Their partner * Their conscience I agree with the Christians that think that to have an abortion is morally wrong in any cases because I strongly believe that God has given us life and for us to take it away is wrong. God is the only one who has the power to give and take life not humans. Taking a life is a sin. If a child was said it was going to be handicapped the mother could have the child but give it up for adoption to couples that would provide a loving environment for them. Also doctors aren't always 100% right they do make mistakes and the baby could be born perfectly fine. If it was handicapped you will be depriving the child of a life. There are many people who are handicapped in this world today that lead next to normal lives e.g. Steven Hawkins. I also believe in the sanctity of life and having an abortion can never be justified to me. I see it as killing and murder, a foetus has a right to a life just like anyone on us. SNITA LAL R.E Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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