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Why is Jesus’ example of self-sacrifice and suffering death and resurrection are important for Christians

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Jesus' example of self-sacrifice and suffering death and resurrection are important for Christians because, I think, that it shows that someone cares and is willing to die for our well being. Firstly self-sacrifice, Jesus gave up many things for us; he gave up his place in heaven to came and help us, he even gave up all the kingdoms in the world for us and god, I mean in saint marks gospel chapter 1 verses 9-13, Jesus stayed in the desert for forty days and forty nights and the devil came and tempted him, first he tempted Jesus into turning a rock into a loaf of bread and to prove that he is the son of god and throw himself off a cliff and gods angels will come. ...read more.


Examples of suffering are numerous in amount in marks gospel and are in one story, 'Jesus is rejected at Nazareth,' he goes back to his home town and everyone doubts him, they questioned where he got his wisdom from and how he can perform miracles. To me this is true suffering, he people he thought he could count on rejected him and he felt pain. It even says 'he was not able to perform any miracles there, except that he placed his hands on a few sick people'. More obvious suffering comes before he was crucified, i.e. the 39 lashings, being stoned and spat at by soldiers. ...read more.


The account of this in saint marks gospel is quite moving as it says exactly what happened. 'At noon the whole country was covered in darkness which lasted for 3 hours . At 3 o'clock Jesus cried " Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani" which means "my god, my god, why did you abandon me?" then Jesus let out a loud cry and died. Resurrection. Jesus' example of resurrection is important as it gives us hope for when we pass on and tells us that there is a heaven. In conclusion Jesus' examples of self-sacrifice suffering, death and resurrection are important because it shows that Jesus know what some of us are going through at some point and it shows that god and heaven exist and that there is hope for all of us. ...read more.

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