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World Development Movement Leaflet Analysis.

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World Development Movement Leaflet Analysis The purpose of this leaflet is to manipulate the reader into supporting the charity, which eventually leads to them wanting to take your money off you. It works by using a lot of manipulative effects. To start with, the pictures are very different. One shows a city area, with a tall skyscraper, symbolizing capitalism and corporate enterprises. The other shows children reaching up, and they look like it is a third world protest, not a riot or anything involving violence. Using children, it will get to parents better because they feel for their children, and would not like the poverty to enter their children's lives. It is also a very big contrast, this could make the reader thing something along the lines of 'how can their be such a big difference?' The pictures are both blue, blue being the colour of sad and unhappy, or even wrong. ...read more.


The form states that if you join the 'Core Voice' you will receive a 'Good Shopping Guide' however this costs �5 a month minimum. By offering the reader something that is an actual good in return, I think it is more likely they will sign up to the core voice. You can also subscribe to be a voting member; however this would cost a minimum of �16. I noticed that the more 'expensive' options are more detailed, another way to manipulate people to give more money. The tear off section is orange, and because the blue used in the leaflet is used to show sad and wrongness, the orange which is a bright contrast, gives us the impression that the slip must be right and happy. It also means it will be for a good cause. There are two logos on the sheet, the World Development Movement one and the Direct Debit logo. ...read more.


It's very personal, and it tells us that we are the only ones that can help - which makes us feel slightly uneasy. My only complaint about this section is 'the three richest men in the world are wealthier than the 48 poorest countries'. I know that two of these men work for Microsoft, and I am pretty sure that it has nothing to do with making countries poorer - they do have offices in most countries around the world too. It then goes on to explain what you will gain from supporting the World Development movement - "you'll help win real and lasting change". Again, they use 'you'll' making it more personal. It also says "we can only do it .. with people like you". Again this makes the reader more personal, and it actually will tell the reader that the charity is looking for him/her (great!). In the first paragraph I also noticed the alliteration of the 'P'. "People, poor, policies, profit". These are the things that the charity would like to solve. And therefore they want them to stand out. ...read more.

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