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Worship R.S. Coursework

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G.C.S.E. Religious Studies Coursework 2001 John Rossiter 10E Knowledge and Understanding 1 Worship is the act of paying divine honour to god, especially in religious services. It is an act or feeling of adoration and to show reverence with supreme respect and admiration. There are two main types of Worship: - Liturgical, or formal worship, where activities are set out in a Liturgy (certain pattern), and often tends to be very formal. It is elaborate and colourful with many rituals. This type of worship is usually common in Roman Catholic and Orthodox, Christian Churches. The other form of worship is Non-Liturgical worship. In this type of worship, set rituals and symbolic actions are avoided. The emphasis is more on bible readings, prayers, hymns and sermons. This is usually common in protestant churches. In Anglican churches they have some sermons but however the Quakers have no sacraments and no communion. Both of these styles of worship can be observed in two patterns; public and private worship. Public worship may take place in a mass or in a group with others but private worship is when a person prays on their own. I will investigate the styles of worship in two denominations. These will be the Roman Catholic and The Society of Friends. (Quakers.) The specific Roman Catholic Church, which I have chosen to study, is The Liverpool Metropolitan Roman Catholic Cathedral. It is unusual because of the layout for a cathedral. ...read more.


The other denomination that I studied was the Society of Friends or Quakers. They do not meet in churches but in buildings called the 'Friends Meeting House.' In contrast to the Roman Catholic Cathedral are these meeting houses. All of them are the same in the fact that inside they are very plain and bland. The Quakers believe that to pray to God they do not have to have elaborate decorative buildings. They are normal buildings with a room where people gather to worship, eat or just have fun. These rooms are very plain and do not contain any of the items used in Roman Catholic churches. The reason for this is they place the main emphasis of their services on readings from the bible. In a Quaker meeting room is often chairs in a square, usually around a table with some flowers and a Bible. The Quakers pattern of worship can be described by this quote, 'Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there also.' This quote is very important in relation to the style or Quaker worship, as they believe God is always present at their meetings. The Quakers do not have an altar or sanctuary like the Roman Catholic as they believe each man and woman can follow their own 'inner light', by which god guides people into the truth. The Quaker meetings are largely based on waiting for the spirit, which is based around Pentecost when the disciples waited for the spirit to come to them. ...read more.


If a person makes these promises but then fails to fulfil them through their own fault, this would mean the person is undoing the vows made at confirmation and thus undoing their promise of Christianity. Confession is a large part of going to church. God will forgive people who confess their sins and are sorry for what they have done. If a person does not attend church than they cannot go to confession which means they will be living in sin which is not Christian. So therefore a person cannot be a Christian in sin so cannot be a Christian. The focus of mass in most Christian Churches is on the receiving of the Eucharist. It is the words of Jesus Christ who said 'do this in memory of me.' Jesus wants people to celebrate the Eucharist in memory of him and if you do not go to church you cannot do this. If you cannot partake in the most important Christian celebrations then consequently the person cannot be a Christian. If people do not go to church then they cannot go to confession which means they are also unfit to receive the Eucharist. Both sides of this argument could be true and depending on personal opinion and the views of others everybody will think differently about the statement. I personally agree with the statement in certain situations such as disability but I think that once a person chooses not to go to church because they do not feel like, I think they are giving up being a Christian. ...read more.

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