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Written Speech: Capital Punishment - MOTION:

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Zaki Rafiq-Khatana 10Ai Written Speech: Capital Punishment MOTION: " We believe that capital punishment is not needed in a civilised community." Imagine yourself in a small, isolated cabin waiting to be led to your execution. A small, scrawny man comes to collect you. Your whole life rushes past you as you take your few, final footsteps to the execution chamber. This is the thought 7,000 people have experienced in the last 18 months. These people were executed cruelly by capital punishment in countries all over the globe. 970 of these people were women and children. The countries allowing this barbaric method of punishment to happen have probably never thought about whether this scheme of punishment is actually successful in the deterring of crime. I have many reasons for arguing against capital punishment. Firstly, I believe that it is a failure as a deterrent of crime, which can be seen by comparing the criminal statistics of those countries where the punishment is in use, with those countries where it has been abolished. Capital punishment violates the right to live, a right everyone has even if they are mass murderers. ...read more.


Governments feel that the only way to stop this continuously rapid increase in crime is to bring back capital punishment, the worst choice they could have made. There are suitable alternative punishments, such as community service and fines. Punishment is meant to be for the protection of society, and for the reformation of the offender. It claims to protect society by preventing the same criminals from repeating their crimes, and by acting as a deterrent to other potential criminals. Capital punishment is a notorious failure in these respects. It does indeed remove the particular culprit from the possibility of the repeating of his crime, but this is of very small account in the view of the fact that murder is hardly ever a continuous row of repeated acts, but consists of single acts committed by different individuals. The person who we remove from the scene is not the man who, if suffered to live, would have been likely to endanger our safety. It is within the powers of the existing government to provide means where murderers, as well as other criminals, can be isolated in institutions where they can be humanely treated as patients or people of unsound mind. ...read more.


This is yet another side effect of capital punishment. It must be remembered that criminals are real people too, which have life and with it, the feeling of pain, fear and the loss of their loved ones and all the other emotions that the rest of us feel. There is no such thing as a humane way of putting someone to death. Every type of execution causes the prisoner physical suffering, some methods perhaps cause less than others, but be in no doubt that being executed is a terrifying and gruesome ordeal for everyone What is often also overlooked upon is the extreme mental torture that the person suffers leading up to the execution, especially if they are innocent. How would you feel if you knew you were going to die tomorrow morning at 8 a.m? Barbarians, that is what we have become, barbarians. We kill each other and instead of mourning the tragedy, we want to satisfy our bloodlust by killing the murderer. We must learn to deal with these people while we have control over them. Yes, we should punish them, but do not become them. Otherwise we are not much better, are we? ...read more.

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