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Yet again a person has been the victim of a savage dog attack. Yet again it is time to urge the Government to take action to end the violence and trauma.

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Yet again a person has been the victim of a savage dog attack. Yet again it is time to urge the Government to take action to end the violence and trauma. It is time that action was taken against dangerous dogs, particularly those that are bred to defend territories to the death. Here are some graphic examples of the horrific capabilities of the animals. Only last month the Herald Sun reported that a 26-year-old Hobsons Bay man had his face ripped from his eyes to his chin. The attack was so furious that the man stood no chance against the raging pit bull that was prepared to fight until the death. In late December last year, a treasured family Pomeranian was mauled to death also by a crazed dog. The highly respected RSPCA chief Hugh Wirth described the dogs' genetic disposition to attack and kill had been 'turned on.' He also described Pit Bull Terriers as being a "Wretched Breed" which I believe is an accurate name to call them due to the many horrific attacks on innocent people. ...read more.


They go for $1000 from breeders and up to $2500 on the black market. One breeding bitch can produce up to 26 pups a year, earning a possible $26,000 in tax-free income for the owner. Dealers are now using the Internet to meet growing demand. Managing director of the Lost Dogs Home, Dr Graeme Smith, said the dogs were used for illegal fights or by drug dealers to protect their properties. Therefore, they attack people with questionable motives and priorities. Pit bulls were first developed in the UK during the 19th century when dog lovers crossed bulldogs and terriers to produce a breed with the gameness of a terrier and the strength of a bulldog. They were bred to fight other dogs, but listened to their master's call in the middle of a fight to stop. Early breeders were careful to maintain the dog's bond with the humans, but criminals breeding ferocious dogs were less selective. It is frightening not knowing whether or not a dog can be trusted, too late some child might have its arm or leg chomped off and the government will be left to blame because their of tardiness to act. ...read more.


They are different people like those who are attracted to bikie gangs. Most ordinary people are likely to be unattracted to these dogs because of their high levels of aggressions. Consequently those owners who do own the dogs, should take responsibility for their dogs actions and undergo training to prepare them more effectively for those responsibilities. This is because if the dog is known to have a reputation to be violent then the owner should be prepared to take responsibility to protect people from violent attacks. Unless the government is prepared to force this legislation on owners, however, very few owners would take on the responsibility by choice. Consequently, the Bracks government should ban the American pit bull from the state unless the owners can take responsibility, understand the tendency of the dogs to attack and accept that they will receive punishment for the actions of their dog. If the government is not willing to ban the American pit bull, then more and more people will be attacked as their numbers grow every year. If the government is not prepared to do this, the least they could do is put harsh punishments on those that let their dogs have the opportunity to attack the innocent. ...read more.

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