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You do not need to go to church to be a Christian. Do you agree?

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You do not need to go to church to be a Christian. Do you agree? Most Christians don't go to church regularly in-fact some don't even go at all. For millions of people, Sunday is a day to sleep in, have a nice dinner, and then settle in for an afternoon of football. Church services are considered boring, irrelevant, and worth neither the effort nor the time. But do Christians really need to go to church to show their faith or is 'the thought that counts'? The Bible teaches that church members are not so much people who go to church, as people who are the church. ...read more.


God is omnipresent so prayer need not be in church. It is as meaningful to pray in church, as it is to pray in your own home. Some people cant get to church due to either being in a bad location or even due to illness. There are some times that prayer is needed but no church in site. It may, as has been suggested by some, be the fact that churches were created not so much for everyone to pray in, but as a symbolic place for people to go to feel safe. It was, many years ago a place for the ill to go for help. It may be a place to remind people of Gods love for people. ...read more.


But the Church may be a symbolic house and may even encourage faith. It is full of symbols, which aid worship. Some Christians may say that it is important for people to unite and come together. There is an opportunity to take part in the Eucharist and hear sermons - which is said by most to be an important part of worship. Going to Church shows commitment, and as in other organizations if a building is built specially for prayer then surly it should be used. In conclusion, it is not the place of worship that is important but the faith of an individual, those who are at peace with themselves are at peace wit God. ...read more.

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