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Acid rain Investigation

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Dale Jacques Science Investigation Acid rain Investigation The aim of this investigation is to find out what effect acid rain has on crop growth. I will investigate this with the following experiment; I will put 2 crops named Wheat and Barley into three sealed bags with two different concentrations of acid in with them and one concentration of water. Each bag will contain one wheat plant, one Barley plant and a solution of either acid or water. The two concentrations of acid and the concentration of H2o will each be transferred into a separate pot using a dropper, by using the dropper I can accurately measure how much of each solution goes into each tub; Each tub is lined with cotton wool to prevent spillages. The variables in this experiment are the concentrations of acid in each bag, the plant sizes and type e.g. in one plant a barley plant could measure 8cm this would make the test unfair because the smaller plant would be more easily effected. Also the plant type is another variable i.e. ...read more.


After the experiment I will compare the colour which the universal indicator strips have turned to the Ph scale this will tell me how acidic the plants atmosphere is in each bag, this will determine which concentration of acid effects which plant worst. To make this a fair test I will put the same amount of acid in each pot, I will ensure the same amount of acid will be put in each pot by using a dropper to measure the amount of acid I have put in each pot. I will use the same size plants (roughly), I will ensure the plants are (roughly) the same size by measuring them and comparing their sizes. I will put the same equipment in each bag e.g. each bag will contain 2 plants (one wheat, one barley) three universal indicator strips, one measurement of acid, one piece of cotton wool and a small pot/tub. To make sure the results are accurate I recorded the size of each plant before and after I put it in a bag with the acid this will show if an acidic atmosphere effects crop growth, the measurements are as follows: Measurements ...read more.


pot-Weak acid Description-Short, droopy, white and shrivelled Measurement-20 Cm Plant-Wheat Substance in pot-Weak acid Description- Short, droopy, white and shrivelled Measurement-19.1 Cm Plant-Barley Substance in pot-Strong acid Description-Quite tall, White tips and droopy Measurement-23.0 Cm Plant-Wheat Substance in pot-Strong acid Description-short, weak and white in places Measurement-17.5 Cm The universal indicator changed a variety of colours including white! The results are as follows: Substance-Water Plant-Wheat Colour-Green Ph-Ph 7 Neutral Substance-Water Plant-Barley Colour-Green Ph-Ph 7 Neutral Substance-Weak acid Plant-Wheat Colour-Bright yellow Ph-Ph 2 Substance-Weak acid Plant-Barley Colour-Bright yellow Ph-Ph 4 Substance-Strong acid Plant-Wheat Colour-Bright yellow Ph-Ph 3 Substance-Strong acid Plant-Barley Colour-Bright yellow Ph-Ph 3 Also there is a weak acidic atmosphere in the weak and strong acid bags and a green fungi was growing on the soil in the weak acid bag. Analysis What I Have found out is that the acid does affect crop growth and does damage plants I have proved this by using my results and observations. My prediction was correct and bags with strong and weak acid did affect the crops growth compared to the bag with the pot containing the water sample. I can prove this with the graph below: ...read more.

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