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All that glistens is not gold!

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All that glistens is not gold! Introduction Gold (Au) has a long and complex history. From gold's first discovery, it has symbolized wealth and guaranteed power. Gold has caused obsession in men and nations, destroyed some cultures and gave power to others. The properties of gold which makes itself desirable are that it is an extremely un-reactive metal and can be dug out as it is: pure gold. Other metals on the other hand were found in ores and ways of purifying them had yet to be discovered. Gold is also very rare- (0.000000003) in the Earth's crust is gold- it is also one of the noble metals. But today gold is advertised by its many colours and its number of carats- but how is this colour produced? And what really are "carats"? What is worth more pure gold or its alloy with cheaper metals? Pure Gold Gold is the most malleable and ductile metal- a single gram can be flattened into a sheet of one square meter. ...read more.


17 18 White 75 - - - - 25 22 Yellow 91.7 5.5 2.8 - - - 24 Pure 100 - - - - - Rose 59 - 41 - - - Green 75 25 - - - - Blue 74.4 - - - 0.6 Iron 25 Comparison Photos 1. 18K yellow gold 2. 18K white gold, rhodium plated 3. 18K palladium white gold, not plated Alloying increases durability and increases the quality of gold, as you can see in the above image. Alloying makes gold more beautiful and exotic: like white gold. But the real question is - do we (the public) really know what we get when we buy gold? Why are we not told that some sold is only 37.5% gold? Should we know that a cheap metal such as copper is also in our jewellery? Carats Carat is a measure of the purity of gold and other rare metals. As a measure of purity: one carat is 1/24 by mass. Another way of measuring "pureness" in gold is the millesimal fineness which is measured in parts per thousand of the pure metal in the alloy. ...read more.


This increases the life span of gold jewellery by a tremendous amount. When I started this report I thought that white gold, yellow gold and so on were all just "normal" gold found as it is. I thought that rose gold was just a rarer type of gold found as it is with no help from humans but I was wrong. Rose gold is manufactured with gold and copper. I never really understood what Karats were, but I believe there are still many people in the UK who blindly spend a load of money for low quality 9K gold which isn't very durable and only have around 30% gold. Jewellers should make it aware to their customers just how much gold is in their jewellery and how white gold is an alloy of gold, whereas before they conveniently forgot that fact. Furthermore white gold is most commonly alloyed with nickel. One in eight people are allergic to it. A typical reaction is a minor skin rash but many people do not know they are allergic to the nickel but think it is the gold. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Suresh Liyanarachchi Candidate Number: 3086 Centre Number: 14377 ...read more.

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