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An Investigation to find out the most effective biological washing powder on starch.

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An Investigation to find out the most effective biological washing powder on starch. What I think will happen. I think that the washing powder containing the most amounts of enzymes will be the most effective having the largest zone of clearing. Radion claims that their biological washing powder has the most amounts of enzymes. Why I think this will happen. I think this will happen because according to the lock and key method the higher the concentration of enzymes the faster the reaction will take place. The rate is directly proportional to the concentration, so the higher the concentration the bigger the zone of clearing. The factors that effect my investigation and how I intend to control them. Amount of washing powder, (measured volume) Volume of water, (standard volume) Concentration of 'dirt' (Pure chemicals at 0 concentration) What the makeup of the 'dirt is, (same as above) Temperature, (incubated at 40oc) How long the 'dirt' has been engraved, (-----) How long it is 'washed' for, (they will be incubated for 48 hours) ...read more.


6.4 C 27 10 20 22 23 20.4 D 16 7 13 12 15 12.6 E 2 0 1 0 1 1 F 0 0 0 0 0 0 (All results were measured in millimeters) (On the table there are + signs they are there because some of the zones of clearing were to big and touched the end of the plate, therefore these results could have been higher) A - Aerial Biological B - Asda Biological C - Daz Biological D - Persil Biological E - Radion Biological F - Distilled Water Changes made to my experiment. The changes made to my experiment were that I changed the length of time in which the agar plates were left in the incubator because, if the plates were left in he incubator to long infectious diseases could grow. Another change is that the lids were taped down so nothing can spill or come out of the plates. What I have found out I have found out that the most effective biological washing powder is Aerial because it had the largest zones of clearing. ...read more.


How reliable were my results? My results were reliable because I took all the precautions to make sure everything was controlled and it was a fair test. Therefore the results I have achieved should be al right. The amount of results I have achieved, I think is an efficient amount because the good and bad washing powders are clearly showed and more results are not needed. I did find an anomalous result. Plate 2 had low values for all the readings. The reason for the values being low is probably because when the washing powders were put into the hoes they were not full y filled, which means there is less starch dissolved. Would I change anything and what can I do to extend the experiment. If I were to repeat this experiment, I would try to get larger agar plates so the zones of clearing can be easily seen. I would also work out the amounts of enzymes contained in the washing powder and compare the results I get to what the companies say the values are. I would also try seeing the effect of changing what the agar plates are made of, protein or fat. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is a good attempt at an report on an investigation.
1. The report is well structured, although some of the subheadings are not needed.
2. The method, apparatus and results sections are all good.
3. The conclusion should be restructured.
4. The evaluation is brief and contains very vague statements.
5. The diagrams that have been included are relevant.
*** (3 stars)

Marked by teacher Luke Smithen 22/05/2013

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