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Biological Importance Of Water.

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Biological Importance Of Water Water is an essential part of life, it takes up between 60 and 95% of mass of living organisms, it plays an important part in cells and also many organisms live in water. I am going to talk about physical properties of water and the biological importance of water. Physical properties of water Hydrogen bonding is when a water molecule forms hydrogen bonds, it form with up to four other water molecules. Water is a polarized molecule, this means it can form hydrogen bonds with other water moles because hydrogen is slightly positively charged and oxygen is slightly negatively charged due to in water oxygen's nucleus attracts the electrons more than the hydrogen's nucleus. ...read more.


At the surface of a liquid a force known as surface tension takes place, this makes the molecules attract. Biological Importance of water Water is a good solvent for polar substances. Polar water molecules and ions have greater force of attraction between them, than cation and anion. For example sodium chloride is separated in water, sodium+ ions are attracted to the oxygen atoms of water because they are slightly negatively charged, chlorine- ions are attracted to hydrogen atoms because they are slightly positively charged. Transpiration Stream Water is able to move up the xylem due to cohesion taking place between water molecules and adhesion between water and the xylem vessels walls. Supporting role Water cannot be easily compressed due to cohesion between water molecules. ...read more.


Ice forms only at the top of lakes, ponds, and so life can exist underneath the ice. The ice insulates the water below and increases chances of survival. Due to change in density water circulation still is able to take place, and it helps the nutrient cycle. Metabolic functions Water is used to reduce power in photosynthesis, it plays a part in chemical reactions also it is sued in digestion. Thermoregulation Due to water having high specific heat capacity organisms made up largely of water molecules are thermo stable. Also due to high latent heat vaporization of water living organisms can be cooled without loosing much water. Conclusion I therefore conclude saying that life on earth would not exist if water did not exist, as I have already described water is used everywhere and is essential for life. Anila Patel 1 ...read more.

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