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Biology Metabolism Investigation

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Biology Coursework Investigation Oliver Latham 10TR1 A primary factor in weight gain is not in fact the amount of energy gained by eating but how much is 'used' by the body, or metabolic rate. Many overweight people often take in as much energy as others but there metabolic rate is considerably slower. Some of us are born with slow metabolism but the majority gain this by a shortage of muscle (which take a lot of energy to maintain) or by poor health. An efficient metabolism also requires the running of important body processes, like digestion for example, which rely heavily on antioxidant (materials that are vital for healthy cells. They are vital for an efficient immune system) such as Vitamins Band C. These are abundant in wholemeal breads and cereals, fish, eggs, citrus fruits and green vegetables. ...read more.


which is vital for a healthy immune system particularly the T cells which need this vitamin to function properly. Lunch Wholemeal bread sandwiches with peanut butter spread. Wholemeal bread is high in Vitamin B which is a group of 10 substances that have similar uses within the body. They are especially useful in the growth and maintenance of muscle which is particularly vital for the person in question, because if they are suddenly doing a lot more exercise and ultimately building muscle tissue, then they will need B vitamin to help them develop. Peanut butter is a good source of amino acids which are protein molecules needed in body repair. They also contain monounsaturated fats which are liquid at room temperature. These are important for healthy skin. ...read more.


Lovely! Pint of fresh water Dinner Chicken and Swede casserole. Tasty, protein rich dish. Biotic Yoghurt. Thought to aid digestion yoghurt is a nice alternative to other sugar pumped treats. Drink lots of Water! Wednesday Breakfast Bowl of Porridge. A great way to start a hectic work day or a day of heavy exercise. Cup of tea (no sugar of course). Basically just water with a bit of harmless flavour. Lunch Baked potato (including skins). Potato is high in carbohydrate fuels which provide quick use energy (this should be used up by exercising). The baked skin is fibre rich. Lemon Juice. Dinner Corn on the cob. Sweet and nutritious. Green Leaf salad with balsamic vinegar dressing. High in vitamin A. Lemon Sorbet with raspberry coulis. Just frozen water with a fruit sauce, healthy and natural. Thursday Breakfast Wholemeal toast and reduced fat butter. Fresh Apple Juice. Sweet, and packed full of body enriching vitamins. Lunch Lean pork and apple pasty. ( a little treat). ...read more.

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