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Biology Recycling

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Recycling is a way to decrease the amount of rubbish being filling up the landfill, it also helps the environment and is a sustainable development. The aim of this investigation is to find out some aspects about domestic recycling. Of particular interest is:- * What people widely recycle * How much of different things people recycle * Why people do/don't want to recycle So I created a basic questionnaire to find out what people would want to say about recycling and what changes they would want in the environment in the future. 1. Do you recycle? Yes No If No Thank you for your cooperation 2. Do you think that recycling is beneficial for the environment? ...read more.


Do you think that recycling is beneficial for the environment? 3. What resources do you recycle? The Pro's of Recycling By recycling materials:- * More energy can be saved. * The resources will last longer. * Recycled material of the same quality (as virgin material) costs less. * CO2 levels are reduced (a Smaller 'Carbon Footprint') * Pollution levels are reduced (and therefore costs associated with pollution are reduced- e.g. incineration/landfill) * Less landfill space is required. The Disadvantages of Recycling The drawbacks of recycling are:- * Recycled materials are generally of lower quality e.g. paper. * Some materials cannot be recycled * Sometimes involve a lot of processing stages (high cost of setting up of recycling plants). * Setting up and operating a collection network can be unwieldy. ...read more.


Often the easiest way for people to help reduce the amount of rubbish sent to Landfill is to recycle and there are a number of options available to people in Lancashire. Reducing the amount of rubbish thrown away in Lancashire is something that everyone can help with, and we need to move away from seeing rubbish as merely that but more as a resource waiting to be used. http://www.blackburn.gov.uk/ Best Recycling levels by Resources (X: Year, Y: Tons) This graph shows that paper is more recycled than other resources, whilst metal is the least recycled within the UK. http://www.springerlink.com/ There could be a way to provoke people not recycling which is an 'Stick n Carrot' approach. This could be done by rewarding those people who recycle and punishing those people who do not recycle. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

**** A very good GCSE study. Data on recycling is collected by the author and used in conjunction with official figures to address the question of current recycling levels. To improve:
1)Include relevant background information about Land fill. Include reference to the problems associated with Land fill (eg production of greenhouse gases and toxic run off), and benefits (eg providing habitat for certain species). Provide explanations in the benefits and disadvantages sections
2)Make sure all graph axes are labelled and clearly state how many people took part in the survey (% can be misleading)
3)Link the data obtained from the survey to the official figures. Do the figures obtained about recycling levels and types of material recycled support each other for example?
4)Summarise what the data suggests about recycling levels and draw a relevant conclusion
5)Discuss the reliability of the data obtained. Outline the key issues with using questionnaires to obtain data like this, and highlight the number of people included (sample size)

Marked by teacher Kerry jackson 29/02/2012

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