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Case study- heart disease

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Case Study: Heart Disease Is there a correlation between passive smoking and coronary heart disease? In this case study I will be analysing evidence for and against claims that passive smoking increases the risk of coronary heart disease. The first piece of evidence of a link between passive smoking and heart disease was first discussed in the mid 80s and research into the evidence is ongoing. Regular intake of second hand smoke increases coronary heart disease risk by approximately 25%. Evidence has shown that even small doses of second hand tobacco smoke can have a large effect on coronary heart disease, whilst further exposure has a small additional effect. Environmental tobacco smoke increases blood platelet activity which causes blood to thicken. The thicker blood then has a greater tendency to clot. These blood clots prevent oxygen from getting to the heart via the coronary arteries, causing the heart muscle to die. Consequently a heat attack occurs. ...read more.


People who regularly visit pubs or bars where smoking is permitted are inevitably going to breathe in a large amount of tobacco smoke. However, a survey by the anti-smoking charity ASH in 1999 found that over 3 million people were exposed to excessive amounts of tobacco smoke at work. It is also estimated that almost half of British children are exposed to tobacco smoke in there homes. One study carried out by scientists in the UK found that in households where both parents smoke, young children have a 72% increased risk of respiratory illnesses. Although the mainstream smoke that is inhaled by the smoker is more harmful than the sidestream smoke inhaled by bystanders, most cigarettes have filters so the smoke does not effect them as much as the sidestream smoke. Recent studies suggest that passive tobacco smoke causes coronary artery disease far more often than it causes cancer. Richard N. Fogoros, M.D. estimated that, in America, passive smoke causes 3000 deaths a year from lung cancer, whilst passive smoking also causes as many as 40,000 deaths a year from heart disease related deaths. ...read more.


They posted the following question to the Tompkins county health department: ''on your website you claim that 63,000 people die from second hand smoke every year. Could you please name three or four or them?'' After looking at all sides of the argument I came to the conclusion that I think there is a correlation between passive smoking and coronary heart disease. The main point that stands out as being plausible to me is that environmental tobacco smoke increases blood platelet activity causing the blood to thicken and clot. The evidence posed by FOREST is not valid in my opinion because it does not have any scientific backing and all there arguments are based on data and survey numbers instead of science. I think smoking should be banned in public places and work places because it not only affects the smoker but the people around them as well. Passive smoke intake is linked to cancer, heart attacks, coronary artery disease, coronary heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmias, atherosclerosis and respiratory illnesses. Luke Simpson 1 ...read more.

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