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Comparing Fitness within a Group.

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Comparing Fitness within a Group The task is to compare our fitness within a group, to find out who is the fittest and the most unfit in the group. There are 3 people in the group, me (Luke), Sam, and Donald. The three components of fitness I will test are: 1. The resting pulse rate (rPR), generally the lower this is the fitter you are. 2. The change in pulse rate from when you move from the prone position to the standing position. In a perfectly fit person this should not change. 3. The recovery time after 2 minutes exercise. The quicker the recovery time the fitter you are. We are testing these because these all generally give you a good idea of your fitness level. ...read more.


Sit comfortably and rest for 5 minutes, then take your heart rate and take down your results. Repeat 3 times. 2. Lie down for 5 minutes, take your heat rate. Next stand straight up and immediately take your pulse rate and record the difference. Repeat 3 times. 3. Jog on the spot for 2 minutes and record your heart rate every 30 seconds until it returns to normal. Record how long it took for your heart rate to return to normal. Repeat 3 times. I have chosen these methods because they are well known and easy to complete, you will not need any special equipment. To make it a fair test I will try to ensure every one takes part in the same activities. ...read more.


resting heart rate with only 55 bpm, which was the same as me, and Donald the most unfit with a resting heart rate of 57 bpm. So far this is the same as my prediction. In the second test I am seen to be the most unfit because I have the highest change in heart rate between the prone and standing positions, which is 12 beats. Sam once again is seen to be the fittest with a change of just 7 beats. Donald this time is in the middle with a change of 10 beats. This only partly agrees with my prediction, Sam is the fittest again which agrees with my prediction but I am the most unfit according to my results which goes against my prediction because I predicted that Donald is the least fit. ...read more.

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